Monday, July 23, 2012

Skye's baby shower

{Skye's baby sprinkle}
Hosted by:
Megan Crawford & Emily Powell
Olive Garden
{Abra's bridal Shower}

Several weeks ago, Emily & I hosted our friends baby shower. She was expecting her 3rd child, a little girl to be named: Kylee Alexis 
Since she already had most of her "bigger" items for the baby, we sprinkled her with essentials & of course, cute baby girl clothes! It was so much fun! 

Here are some pictures from the evening:

Opening the gifts!

Shocco ladies & Greyson

Skye with the hosts, her mom & daughter, Janie & several of the guests

That night, we also celebrated the marriage of Abra (Mapp) Camp who had been married the week before. She is a blessing to Shocco & we are so happy that she has started working there.

 A few weeks later, Skye gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She is adorable!! 
The picture of Skye was the last one I took of her before Kylee was born. It was our last time to hang out & Skye, myself & Emily all got together for lunch. Emily & her mom made these adorable little shoes for Kylee & a matching headband!! We are so excited for Skye's family & their new addition =)

Now, I just HAVE to mention Shocco's baby boom while I'm at it. =))
If you want to get pregnant, have been trying or are eventually planning a family...move here & work at Shocco! I'm serious...whatever it is, God is supplying the babies there! 

3 babies were born fairly close together the year of 2009. After that, our accountant announced her pregnancy w/ #2, due in November 2010, with a boy...we call her #1.
Then another pregnancy was announced for Feb. 2011 with a boy...#2.
Another for March, this time a girl...#3.
April, girl...#4.
My good friend Emily had her baby boy in May...#5.
Then there was a bit of a gap until Greyson was born in December putting me at #6. So far we had 2 boys, 2 girls, 2 boys & then wouldn't you know it...2 more ended up pregnant...with girls! 
My friend Ashley with her baby girl born in May 2012, & then of course Skye & her baby girl born this month. 8 pregnancies all with in 15 months!!
I say 15 months because...ironically THE LIST IS STARTING OVER!!! Not only is it starting over...but in order too!! Talk about crazy...
Our accountant found out she was pregnant with #3 due in October...#2 is having her second in the same month she had her first due in Feb! Along with #3...due also in Feb. There is another girl added to this list due in March as well. 
So far, my friend Emily has been saying that she WILL NOT be #5 again & that's final! I'm sure she will break that pattern & I am not ready for another quite yet myself. 

I just find it so funny that we have had so many pregnancies in the last couple years & that more keep popping up every few months it seems. It is a BLESSING! & I'm thinking Shocco needs to invest in a daycare at some point =) 

Now, Matt on the other hand is ready for #2 already....surprised? I was!! but so far I am hoping to wait until Greyson is a little older...& hopefully out of diapers! =))

So, there you have it...I think I might be done hosting baby showers...for a little while at least!! 

Here's a pic of my sweet pea at 6 months! He will have lots of little friends running around soon...that's for sure! =)

6 Months!

Wow! I am SO behind in blogging this month. So much has been happening & Greyson hit 7 months when we were out of town, so I gotta remember everything before then! 
He has definitely gotten more personality these days & has a little bit of attitude if he doesn't get his way...yay. But he is still my sweetie little man & he's growing so fast it's not even funny!

so far you...

*weigh 21 pounds!! Growing every day & go through clothes faster than I can buy them! 
*teething & have had cold symptoms because of teeth yet
*are starting to move around on your tummy more...hoping you crawl soon so your clothes will last longer! 
*are starting to have separation anxiety...just from mommy though.. A few times when we have been apart, you cry a lot & usually if I come home, you are fine afterwards
*still smile at pretty much everyone we run into...strangers love to talk to you & you like the attention
*started having a little more attitude when you are upset...started this high pitched "scream" & still blow bubbles when you are super mad
*will play with anything you can get your hands on. You notice so much & investigate everything
*went through another growth spurt & woke up eating every couple hours...we are back on track & you are sleeping all night again
*have started turning the pages in your books when I read to you like you understand what's next =)
*had your first "cold" due to teething but then it turned into were a sick little boy! but the Dr. said your nose, ears & lungs were all went to the Dr. twice in 2 weeks! The allergy medicine has helped a lot more & your breathing doesn't rattle anymore
*started taking regular naps! most of the time they are 1-2 hours long & sometimes they are just cat naps but you take them throughout the day & then sleep all night 
*will not stay on your tummy very long...eventually you flip over & I keep putting you back so you get enough tummy time so you will learn to crawl
*sit very well & even go from sitting, to your tummy & back a lot of the time while playing
*have eaten lots of fruits & veggies...your favorite snack is yogurt 
*you are still breastfeeding & we only take a bottle with us when we are going out somewhere for a long time. You drink juice sometimes & water from your sippy cup
*wear clothes anywhere from 6-18 month are 27 3/4 inches long
*took your first plane ride to PA with just mommy & you did awesome! you visited with a nice family before our flight & when it got delayed, you started getting tired. By the time we got on, you smiled at everyone from our seat. Before the plane took off, you were conked out & slept the whole way. Nana & Grampa met us at the airport in Pittsburg & you didn't even wake up. We got "home" at 2am!
*loved spending time with Nana & Grampa in PA...we were there almost 2 weeks. You met lots of mommy's family & spent 4th of July at Uncle Jerry's. 
*swam in a big pool at Uncle Jerry's for the first time! Your cousin Jackson had an extra floaty for babies to swim with. You loved it! 
*got to attend Uncle Brandon & Richelle's wedding! You weren't very happy because you didn't feel good during the reception, but Aunt Linda kept you during the ceremony & you slept the whole time
*like facial hair! Everyone that met you up north that had a mustache or beard, you played with it
*did great being passed around to all our family & many people wanted to meet you during our trip! You LOVE kids & other babies =)
*missed daddy a lot while we were were much more alert when we flew back home on the plane & you were SO happy when we got home. I think you missed your room & being out of the norm for that long, but we had fun! 

What we are looking forward to:

*Nana & Grampa's visit this summer
*Going to Gatlinburg w/ all daddy's family
*Thanksgiving in PA

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