Thursday, July 14, 2011

Almost there!

I'm almost halfway there! 19 weeks & counting...I will be 20 weeks & 5 days along when we find out if bean is really a bean or beanette =)

Right now there is a lot more kicking & moving around, but not to the point that we can feel him on the outside yet. Matt decided to talk to him today & kept asking little bean if he was REALLY a boy! HA I guess we will just have to wait & see but boy has been the biggest guess so far. I'm just excited to get our dvd of the whole ultrasound!
I think that is so neat to be able to look back on...
*hmm..maybe that would be a great 18th birthday surprise for our son or daughter hahaha*

Matt took this picture from the side because I guess I look bigger here than the first photo...
 it's all about the angle!
Here's a picture of Tink these days. We can't forget about our "first" baby who has been the center of attention for that last 5 years. Hopefully she doesn't give us the cold shoulder when we bring the baby she did when we brought barn kittens home last year...

We try to keep her entertained, but usually she won't let us get too close & the occational petting or cuddling doesn't last very long.
She does like to play w/ our feet & is very gentle & sweet for the first few minutes but then she attacks them.
You can keep trying to pet her like that but more than likely she will turn hostile.
I caught her in a serene moment while she was playing w/ my foot =)

I would also like to point out that I am grateful for wonderul friends who keep my toes looking cute since I can't bend over to paint them very well anymore =) My friend Skye painted them & Christian did a little design on the big toe...Thanks guys!

Anyways, we still love our Tinkerbell & she will hopefully be the best little bud a kid could have...although I have visions of something like this happening...

In other news, we had an interesting night last night. We had gone to bed early about 9:30pm & a little after midnight, Matt woke me up calling my name. I noticed he was laying on his stomach with his head in his hands. He told me to look up a remedy on my phone to help with flash burn & said something about potatoes or cucumbers!

Of course, I had NO idea what was going on or why this was all happening NOW in the middle of the night! But apparently that's how a flash burn can be fine most of the day & then several hours later, it kicks in.
He had been welding that day next to another guy who was also welding & the glare from that guys torch came through the side of his mask.
This was not the first time he had suffered from his eyes being flash burned, but never this bad. He couldn't open them & was in extreme pain from the burning. After a little research online, I found that the "home remedy" suggested, was in fact, potatoes...but the rest kept saying to go to the Emergency Room!

Matt said if the potato didn't work then I would have to take him to the ER. So around 12:30am I was peeling a potato...luckily I keep them in the refrigerator so they last longer & the slices were nice & cold.

 Once we put them on his eyes, the relief started almost immediately, but we had to wait the 30 minutes suggested before seeing if we needed to go to the ER. By 1am he was MUCH better & decided he would be fine. I asked him how he knew about the potato & he said,  "Old timers...thats just what they always said to do!"
He had just finished talking when I snapped this picture, so he doesn't look real enthused! ha but this is the day after the flash burn

Today he had no pain at all, but his eyes were a little red/tan colored in the whites of his eyes where they had been burnt.

So, keep that in mind...ever flash burn your eyes? Make sure you have some potatoes on hand!


  1. Meg~
    You are looking so cute! Love the color of the toes as well! :) how fun to have wonderful friends to help us keep up our appearances :) So...when is the big day that we know if we are having another niece or nephew?!?! Already the girls outnumber the boys on our side but we will be happy no matter what! :) Thanks for sharing so we can keep up to date! MISS YOU! LOVE YOU!

  2. Thanks SIL! I miss you & love you too--We find out Tues, July 26th...count on having a nephew! haah BUT just in case we will be thrilled with a know how many Ritchey/Crawford boys there are right now! ha
    Yes, I am thankful for good friends! they are also planning a shopping trip soon for me to get more maternity clothes --Can't wait!! =)

  3. I am finally playing catch up on your blog! So sorry to hear about Matts eyes. Hope that doesn't happen again...that can't be good the poor guy!
    You look very cute, but then you always do! You will look cute when you are 105!! lol
    {loving that photo of the baby with the cats tail in his mouth. so funny!}
    Aunt Sandi

  4. My first guess was he was talking in his sleep! :) That's sounds terribly painful...glad you were able to find a quick remedy.


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