Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Atlanta Machinery Show

The first weekend in June, Matt's family business attended a machinery show in Atlanta. They only have the show every 2 yrs, so the last time we went I was pregnant with him. He was pretty fascinated with the glass elevator in our hotel =)

Since the expo mostly deals with the saw mill industry, there were lots of "trucks" to see during the show that Greyson was enthralled with. 

He was quite a hit with all the business men there so they would give him free stuff like hats, sunglasses
 & tape measures to take home with him =)
We had to spend some time - selling the business- so to speak, but it also is a great little get-a-way weekend for our family. We always eat at some really nice restaurants, visit Olympic Park & just do whatever we can fit in. One of our favorite places to go is Ruth's Chris Steakhouse that is in the lobby of our hotel.

Greyson still had to take his monkey with him to the restaurant. =) 

This year we were hoping to take Greyson to the splash pad in the park, but it is too big & powerful for him at that age. We ended up utilizing the pool at our hotel though, & he had a blast.

He was sooo tired after swimming that he just fell right to sleep.

We also enjoy going to Atlanta for the show & had a lot of fun.
Greyson sure loved it! 

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Exciting Announcments!

This month starts off with lots of happy news! Baby news to be exact!!
That's right...we are happy to announce that we are expecting another baby Crawford & that Greyson will be a BIG BROTHER!

It was quite the surprise of the year since we had talked about adding another member to our family NEXT year. I guess you can never really PLAN these kinds of things.

If that wasn't a surprise enough...I'm having baby #2 in December...ON Greyson's 2nd birthday to be exact!! I think I will be even more surprised if that really happens...a few days a part wouldn't be that bad =) I always wanted my kids close together & 2 yrs is pretty great timing =)

 Over Mother's Day weekend, we were privileged to have our friend Erica take some family photos for us. She's amazing & worked her magic even though the weather was gloomy, rainy & not the best lighting...but she pulled it off! (Check out ericajphotography here)

I was right around 10 weeks pregnant so we got some tiny belly shots. 

 I love the way Greyson has changed me into the person I am today. I can't wait to see how this little one will impact our family once again. We are so excited...Matt was beyond thrilled when we found out together. He has wanted another baby since Greyson was 3 months old!! He is an awesome dad...he stepped up from the moment Greyson was born & took on the role like he'd been doing it all along. I love the family God has given us. I love being a mother.
I love sharing God's blessings with others.

In other family news, I became an aunt, Matt became an uncle & Greyson got his very first, first cousin! My brother & his wife had a little baby girl on June 5th.

Karleigh Brynn Ritchey! 
7lbs 10oz born at 12:56am

She is beautiful! I can see both mommy & daddy in her & it is so fun to see which color of hair they will end up having. With red heads marrying dark haired spouses, you just never know! I think Karleigh may be taking after her daddy in that area as a strawberry blonde. She's just precious!

They live in Idaho & since we are in Alabama, we won't get to meet her until mid-July. Our family is so spread out with us in the south, my parents in PA & other brother & sister in law in OH & this new little family all the way out west. It is hard being so far a part but I'm thankful for technology & the fact that we can keep up with each other when these special events take place.

My brother Matt, his wife Mindy & little Karleigh all ready to go home. 
Our family is growing. This time in our life is so never know the surprises God will give you. My parents waited over 5 yrs after we got married to have grandchildren & now they get 3 with in 2 years =) I guess you can say we are making up for lost time!

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