Friday, May 31, 2013

Lazy days in May

This month has been full of birthdays, summer kick off parties, vacations, Holidays & more. We have gone non-stop all month. Greyson is eating it up & want's to "Go Go Go" every day when he wakes up. He loves being outside (which I am thankful for) & we have a great time. 

His first time on a bouncy slide with daddy at his little buddy's birthday party =)

 They are getting so big!!

Play date party

Our little friend, Katie's Lady Bug birthday party! He loved the balloons =)

We spent Memorial Day with our friends at the lake. Matt was out of town for a whole week working so he missed spending it with us. We still had so much fun! Greyson got to swim with his little buddy Jace & then we went all over the lake on their boat!

Wearing red, white & blue!

 We also spent a lot of time out at the farm...Greyson loves riding with Poppy in the pasture =)

 This month is finally over! We are excited about starting our summer activities with family & friends!

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Florida for Mother's Day!

My first official Mother's Day in 2012 was full of family, friends & gifts galore! It was incredible but there was so much going on; it was a little overwhelming. I had 5 month old & cooked Sunday dinner for Matt's entire family; I decorated our church, did the bulletin & helped shop for & put together all the mothers day gifts for our church mothers as well. It was a VERY busy day!! 

This year was absolutely WONDERFUL! I was planning to cook & have everyone over all my church duties, but it worked out for us to take a break & be in Florida this year. We were able to meet up with my inlaws & take Gmama with us too. Greyson did great in the car & only fussed 30 minutes before lunch out of a 11 hr trip. On the way home he only fussed 15 minutes before lunch. I guess he lets us know when's he's ready for food =) 

The beach was amazing this time of year & Greyson absolutely loved it...obsessed would probably be a more accurate word. We toured Peanut Island one day after breakfast & Greyson got to ride in his first boat! We went to Jetty's & got our traditional photo in front of the light house =) Sunday Lunch was held at the Carroll's beautiful house with the whole extended Finney clan. I gotta say their tradition of having the men cook & clean up is worth it. They do it all...with the exception of the unmarried girls (poor Jacinda) but her food & dessert was good too & I'm glad I got to enjoy it =) I was so impressed I told Matt he better start learning how to cook because we might adopt this tradition! They were SO nice, not only to feed us, but give us Mother's gifts as well! So unexpected & sweet. We have very thoughtful friends. Before we left, we checked on my Mama's house. Memories flooded back as I walked through the door. I got a classic picture of Greyson on the blue steps =) 
On our way home we stopped at Cracker Barrel. Gmama bought Greyson a red truck that he attached himself to the moment he saw it. It is his favorite toy since then & he had so much fun playing with it.

Peanut Island
Beach fun
Last day at the beach...the water was so clear
Mother's Day after Church
Playing with his truck at Cracker Barrel

God is SO good & allowed us to have a fantastic weekend away!! 

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun at the Zoo!

I haven't felt like blogging lately. There is just too much going on these days...but now I'm going to have to play catch up with all that we have been doing this month!

Greyson's first trip to the zoo was the beginning of May. We had SO much fun! We got there at 10:30am & left at 3:30 pm. I was afraid Greyson would fall asleep & miss out on seeing some of the animals but he stayed awake for the entire thing! It was just too exciting for sleep. As we were leaving he finally dozed was a good day! 

 We accidentally went through the dinosaur exhibit...they had other animals mixed in so it was kind of funny to see Greyson's reaction. Poor thing doesn't know what's real or not yet...he wouldn't stand by himself to get a picture in front of the least he's smart!
We are already planning our next zoo trip with daddy! 
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