Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All things Boy

August is here & it represents 6 months of pregnancy.

We have been so busy & have so much going on it just makes time seem so much faster. This week we are gearing up for lots of trips & family vacation!!
At the same time, things have gotten a lot easier in the baby department since we KNOW what baby bean is. All my ideas, visions & themes for the future, are quickly becoming 
"All things boy" =)
Finally, I feel like I am able to plan & start tackling the nursery. Even though we've had a crib in storage & a basic "theme" picked out, I still have not started one thing since we got the news. So far is keeping up with all those projects to come.
I'm sure you've heard of Pinterest right??? If not you have GOT to get on many neat things & a perfect way to keep up with all those ideas floating around.

I'm am especially excited because my family is coming NEXT week for vacation & I know we will spend LOTS of time shopping & starting on nursery projects. I can't wait for my mom & Brandon's girlfriend, Richelle, to get here. What would make it MORE perfect is if my sister in law Mindy could be here too so we could all shop & work on things together. IF ONLY we lived closer together =(

First, we are spending a few days in Gatlinburg just to have some "get away" time & then we will all come back to AL & my family will be here another week. I'm so excited!!
I will share all about their visit in a couple weeks =)

Tomorrow, we are headed to the great city of...

We will be there this weekend for the machinery show. It is an exhibit that Woodland Parts & Service, Inc. is a part of. It is only held every 2 years & Matt & I were not able to go last time because it was in New Orleans. Since it is back in Atlanta, we will help with the booth & also enjoy a little bit of the city. Last time it was in Atlanta (our first year of marriage when we got to go) we ate at some amazing places & even took a carriage ride...I'm not sure what's in store but I know it will be fun =)
Last night, I was able to spend some time with my girl friends shopping for some cute maternity clothes for the event. We were successful! Even though it is an exhibit, Matt said I still had to dress up & being limited on my options, it was fun to get together with friends & shop for dressy maternity clothes. We topped it off eating at Pizza Hut, so it was a GREAT night!

So, after a couple weeks I will have lots more to share! In the mean time, Matt took these pictures of me at 22 weeks. Baby bean sure is growing!!

I'm a CEO!