Thursday, June 28, 2012

Play date & Weekend Review

Now that Greyson is older, we are actually able to have play dates...& they actually PLAY!

Last weekend, my friend Emily brought her son Jon William over to swim. 
They had so much fun! My neighbors granddaughter was here & she came over too. She helped keep the babies safe in the water & we just hung out & compared baby stories! =) 

Every time I tried to sit Greyson up, he just leaned back so he could kick his feet & float around...guess whatever makes him happy! 

They got along so well!! (most of the time...hehe)

Later, when we went in to eat supper, these 2 played on the floor...notice Greyson's shirt? He's usually a sweet little thing...but every now & then he likes to pull hair. Poor Jon William got his pulled so hard it made him cry! I know how he happens to me all the time & it really hurts!! 
Over all they had fun so it was great to get them together.

The next day, Greyson & I went with Matt to his horse's our little cowboy "in training" =)

It was SO hot out that day, we stayed in the horse trailer most of the time but it doesn't have airconditioning so our friends let us use their trailer with a/c & Greyson napped....

Then we went out to the farm to check out the new farm tractor. We lost the previous one in a tractor fire ...thankfully, Uncle Jimmy (who was driving it at the time) was not hurt & everything else was ok too...

Greyson seemed very pleased with it & tried to "drive" =) 

Yes, I HAD to climb up there & check things out...its pretty neat! Even has air conditioning which could stay in that thing for hours =)

As we were walking back, I noticed Matt had this burp cloth in his back pocket. You can tell he's on daddy duty...haha

...And last but not least...a picture of the beautiful scenery at the farm! 

We had a great little weekend =)

{First} Fathers Day

Matt got to celebrate his very {first} fathers day! 
We are so excited to have Greyson, the one who "makes it all possible" to celebrate for.

We had a wonderful day. 

Our family

The Fathers & Greyson

We went to my inlaws house for dinner. They have just added on a big, new, beautiful room to their house & it was our first Sunday lunch in it. After we ate, we gave G'pa his gift from Greyson. 
It was a poem with his little footprints, name, age & date. He loved it! We also gave him a card & gift card to Cracker Barrel to use on his travels.

 I also made the footprint poem for my dad (Grampa) & Matt for their gifts as well. It was fun making them! Greyson did very well having his feet in paint & it wasn't too messy.

 As for Matt's other gifts, he was showered well! I got him a card & wallet to use for work. His parents gave him a shirt & chocolate & the rest came from church. 
He was given a gift for it being his FIRST Fathers day that included the frame, courageous cup, & books. Our theme for the dads at church, was washing cars. They were all sent home with a basket of car washing supplies & Matt also won another category for washing his truck the night before Fathers Day! So he won a water hose & a few more things to use outside. 

As for what the day means to me...I was very privileged to grow up in a Christian home, with a godly father who pastored the Oak Grove Church in PA. We moved to our home in Mercer when I was only 6 weeks old, so dad could start pastoring the church. My brothers & I grew up there...20 years later I got married in the new church that was built the year before I got married. My dad was able to "marry" Matt & I in front of our family & friends. It was special for me to have my dad officiate & give us a good message & marriage advice. Growing up, he instilled in my brothers & I, how important it is to live for God, to have a relationship with Him, to make it to Heaven & take as many people with us as we can. 
I love going "home" & visiting his church. I seem to get more out of his preaching now that I'm older than I did when I was young {sheepish grin} hehe 
My dad has always been my "hero" so to go to person for advice. I know he is praying for me every day & I that even when I am traveling, he is up in the night praying for my safety. 
I have only gotten to spend one actual Father's Day with him since I've been married. He was here visiting & my church asked me to get up & say something about my dad. I had gotten a card & decided to read it to him from the platform. I remember giving him a hug afterwards & feeling like I could have said WAY more...but more importantly he was there to hear it, to spend the day with us & I don't get those opportunities that often anymore so I don't take them for granted! It's like that now...I could go ON & ON about what I think of my dad, but these are just some of the more important things.

Both of my parents are wonderful examples of what I hope Matt & I will be like with our children. They are to be respected & praised for how my brothers & I were raised. They have always been consistent in what they taught, how they live & what they hope to pass on. They support us in everything that we do & I hope I make them proud of my decisions. I love my mom & dad SO much & am excited that they are grandparents that can pass the same things on to Greyson (& any other kids we might have) as he grows up. 

Now that I live in Alabama, I usually spend these special days with my inlaws! I can say many things about them too, but as for my father in law, here are a few things that really stand out. 
He is passionate about the Lord & has a heart to serve. He is a godly example & has passed that on to his sons. He gives so much to people in need, whether its his own kids, to the church, certain projects, or special needs in the ministry...there are so many things he does to make them happen. He is a trustworthy businessman & hard worker. His family comes first after God & I'm thankful to have Matt's parents near us to spend time with. Both Lela & Leslie do so much for us I don't think I will ever be able to repay them! I love them & love seeing them with Greyson. These are the grandparents that he will get to see the most & I am certain that he will learn so many great qualities from them. 
Matt has taken on his father role very well. It comes from growing up with the parents he has...those same qualities that my father in law has, come out in Matt every day. He works so hard & does so won't be long before Greyson is toddling around behind him outside! Before we know it, Matt & his dad will have Greyson knowing all there is know about horses, showing them, taking care of them...I'm sure it will be one of his main hobbies too. 

I am blessed & very privileged to be a part of these families. We have so much to be thankful for!
Thank you dads, for the legacy that you have passed on! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6 Month Dr. Appt

Greyson had his Dr. Appt. this past monday. 
His new stats...
{20.3 lbs~27 3/4 in long} 

Now I know why my arms are killing me! At 6 months old..I have a little chunker!
He likes the Dr. & has always done very well at his appointments. 

When it comes time for the shots, his only really bad time was when he was 2 months old. He screamed & cried so MUCH it just broke my heart. 

These last few times, he has hardly cried & quickly gets over it with in a few minutes. He didn't even have any tears this last time & his favorite thing to do is rip the paper on the examination table.

I am still mainly breastfeeding & have just started introducing him to solids. So far he has only had Rice & Barley cereal, water, & applesauce (with the exception of sugar, sweet tea & ice cream...somehow those were his first things to taste but of course just drops of each when someone got too excited to share food with him!)
For whatever reason, he is not a fan of the applesauce. I thought he was just making the faces because it was new (which is partly true) but after a couple days, I've had to basically force him to open his mouth & eat it! We'll come back to that again in a couple weeks & see how he does then. With the cereal, he is more than willing to eat as much as we'll give him & then some! We still have bananas, sweet potatoes & squash waiting to be tasted, but I'm trying to go a few days in between to make sure he isn't allergic to anything. 

The Saturday before, he had still only been on rice cereal & breast milk. We had his 6 month photos taken outside...he was NOT a very happy baby. Very solemn but not real fussy...just didn't smile! I didn't think too much about it, but later that day he got very sick. The dr. is not sure why, but wasnt concerned since he bounced back so quickly.  He had thrown up until everything was out of his tummy. After that, he just laid around all day long & slept a lot. NOT like my baby boy at all...I can barely get him to take naps during the day myself!

Here he was sleeping in mommy & daddy's bed

Later I let him watch the Barenstain Bears on Sprout & he NEVER watches tv. Usually we don't let him, but even if we are, he is too busy playing or interested in something else. 

The fact that he paid attention, made me realize that he really wasn't feeling good & just didn't feel up to doing much of anything. Luckily in just a few hours he was back to normal & has been happy & pleasant ever since! Wouldn't you know it, he had to be sick on picture day. But we have gotten some GREAT photos =)

Here are the sneak peeks from St. John Studios here in Alabama! =)

Our little cowboy!

I think his teething played a part in this face! =)

I'm so excited to see the rest!! =)) 

I thank God every day for my blessings & that Greyson is healthy & growing wonderfully =) 

Monday, June 11, 2012

6 Year Anniversary

Our Wedding Day

Our 6th Anniversary

We finally celebrated out 6th Anniversary...about a week late on June 9th. I guess that's what happens when you have been married more than 5 it in where you can! haha 
We did special trips for our 1st, 3rd & 5th Anniversary's but the others we just planned to spend an evening out, much like a regular date night. It is still fun & is nice to set aside some time to reflect on the special day when we said 'I do'

Our Wedding day was beautiful! I remember it so well & MOST of the details too. It was a nice warm day & we got married at 2:30 in the afternoon. When we were outside to take pictures it was sunny..when we were inside for the ceremony & rained. How can that be a beautiful day? 

Because God's promise was ALL around us =)

He didn't say marriage would be easy...or that everything would go just like we wanted...but if you put God first in a marriage...that makes all the difference! 
I have found in the last 6 years that the man I married is an extremely HARD worker. He is super dependable, takes on a ton of responsibility, not just with our family, but with his immediate family, his job & church. He is reliable & everyone knows they can trust him to do a good job. 
He does SO much in a day's time that I cannot even begin to describe it. When he was little...maybe around 4 years old...he would get out his little toy tools & tell people he was going to work! It's been that way ever since. 

When we added Greyson to our family this past year, he became a very hands on dad. I didn't think he would...He was nervous about being able to take care of those obligations but when the time came, he jumped right in. It's amazing how much someone can change in an instant once their child is born! He is a wonderful husband & an awesome dad. What more could a girl ask for!?

I am beyond blessed...there really aren't many more words than that. God picked him out for me & the rest is history!
I tried to keep the mushy gushy to a minimum & get my main point across...but on top of all that...I think he's pretty good lookin', a head turner, quite the hottie & handsome...if I do say so myself! =)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Nana's Visit!

My mom...
there are SO many things that I could say about her! She's my best friend, a Godly example of motherhood, gives great advice, is a hard worker, good housekeeper, cook, & now a wonderful Nana to her first grandchild. I could go on & on, but those are some of the things that I think about when it pertains to me. Those things are what I look up to! Of course I could add being a great wife, & putting the Nana thing waaaaaayyyy out there in the future for myself, but I love being around her & I treasure the moments we are together. 

The reason for this is...I moved away from home when I was 17. I went to college in south Florida, then worked there until I got married. Since then, I've always lived 13 hours away from HOME. The place where we moved when I was 6 weeks old so my dad could pastor a new church. I grew up there, got married in our church & left behind my wonderful family to start this new one in Alabama.

Each time I am able to see anyone in my family, it is special! They are few & far between, but we try hard to make sure we get together as much as we can.
Since Greyson came along, we have tried to maintain our visits every couple months, so they will get to watch him grow & see the milestones he achieves. 

My mom was able to come for a visit during the long Memorial Day weekend. It was last minute, but it was the best "late" Mothers Day gift I could have! I sure missed my dad, but I knew he would not be able to leave his pastoral duties. 
She flew in on a Friday afternoon & left on a Tuesday worked out perfectly! Matt was called out to do a job in GA & left Thursday. All of HIS family, including grandparents, his aunt & uncle & older brother, all left to go to Florida for his younger brothers graduation. 
They all left....everyone
Just me & Greyson holding down the fort! Until Nana called!! It couldn't have been better. A whole girls weekend just for us! We ate out every day except Sunday...went shopping, got pedicures, & worked on little projects in the house...Not to mention, all the cuddle time & fun we had with Greyson. We also went to a birthday party at the lake, for my good friends baby who turned 1. It was wonderful!

Here are several pictures from our weekend! 
At Jace's birthday party!

First taste of ice cream...before anything else!

mmm yummy

Sunday morning after church

Going for a walk!

First bowl of cereal!! I'm so glad she got to be there to experience another one of his "firsts"

Not so much this "first" though....first boo boo on his head =(

Lots of hugs...

More cereal! Yummy!

Projects =)) Curtains that she helped me cut & hem...I'll blog about that here someday when they are finished! 

Taking a break from projects to get Greyson down for a nap...


 As you can see...the majority of these photos have NANA in them!! that's because I was taking all of the pictures =) It was so fun to see Greyson love on her & hopefully he remembers his grandparents next time we are home to visit. 

Nana, Mom...our best friend! =))

I'm a CEO!