Thursday, June 7, 2012

5 Months!

I can't believe another month has come & gone. Greyson has learned sooo much in his 5th month! He is almost half a year old...He's a big boy!! His 6 month appointment will be on Monday & we'll find out all his new stats. I just love being his mommy! 

so far you...

*have gained more weight. You are somewhere around 20 pounds!!!
*are still teething but no little toofies are coming through yet
*still a happy baby & do good for your sitters, but are starting to know when mommy's get very excited when I come to get you & give me lots of smiles & lean towards me
*blow bubbles when your MAD -- when you aren't mad you use your hand & run your fingers over your lips to make different noises
*stare & notice lots of different things around you...You hold your toys, or anything you pick up & inspect them over & over 
*understand our night time routine & do much better sleeping at night because of it
*love all your books & we started reading your baby Bible this month
*get cranky when you are very sleepy & fight it until we put you in your own bed...then you conk out
*wake up once or twice at night but usually can sleep 7 hrs straight
*DO NOT take naps during the day...if you do it's because you are in your car seat...sometimes you surprise us & take one every now & then, but most of the time you don't
*roll over & like to roll on your side to sleep
*sit up a lot better now & can stay like that for a long time! Sometimes you still topple over but then you just stay on your tummy until you get fussy
*got your first boo boo by bumping your head on the counter by the computer. A big knot showed up but there was no blood, just a bruise that stayed on your head for about a week
*started moving around when you are on your tummy. You aren't crawling, or creeping just yet, but  daddy thought I moved you the other day because you inched your way off the play mat!
*chew on everything in site...all your toys & anything you can get your hands on
*still love Mr. Bear & the jumperoo most of all
*feed yourself your bottle most of the time, but you'd rather let us hold it for you...sometimes we have to make you do it =)
*ate cereal for the FIRST time at 5.5 months old! You loved it & you didn't spit any of it out...your swallowing skills were very ready & you didn't have any trouble eating every bite. You got upset when the bowl was empty, so we gave you a little more, but it was your first time so we had to stop
* were excited that Nana came to visit all the way from PA! You gave her lots of sweet hugs & kisses. She fed you ice cream at your buddy's first loved it! she spoiled you a lot while she was here but we loved that she got to spend the weekend with us & it was so much fun!
*wear mostly 6-9, 9-12 mo clothes. Daddy put you in 3 mo pants Sunday because they still fit around the waist, but they were way too short so he made cuffs to look like little kapri/shorts...they actually looked kinda cute! 
*play very gently with mommy's hair, but pinch & grab our necks or arms...ouch!
*like music, especially when someone is singing then you sing along with them or with us during choir practice at church =)
*TALK all the time! We've had to take you out of church not because you are bad or fussy but because you just blabber on all during the service

What we are looking forward to:

*going out to celebrate Mommy & Daddy's 6th Anniversary tomorrow that was this past Sunday
*Brandon & Richelle's wedding 
*Camp Meeting

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