Wednesday, November 19, 2014

10 Months!

    so far you...

*weigh 20 lbs & are 29 inches long! you have started to thin out since being so mobile
*nurse about 4 times a day. Drink water & a little juice from a sippy cup when needed & have been eating solids very well. You are picky about fruit but not so much with veggies...still hate bananas but LOVE peas!! They are your favorite vegetable
*have 8 teeth with 2 more coming in!!! it makes for a very toothy grin =) Your 2 top molars are already on their way...usually they don't make an appearance until around 13-19 months but you seem to get a couple teeth a month so they are just coming through
*sleep anywhere from 6-8 hrs a night with usually 2 naps during the day...we had a little set back with all our traveling & teething so you have been waking about 2 times in the night...hoping things go back to normal soon...mommy needs SLEEP!
*loved your first trip to the pumpkin patch with friends. You really liked the animals & sitting on the pumpkins
*celebrated your first Fall & got to dress up like a strawberry for our Trunk or Treat at church! You were part of our Farmers Market trunk theme as the star! Nana got you your first costume & we loved it =)
*are super curious & get in to EVERYTHING. You will unload a drawer in a matter of minutes & play with one thing for awhile then move on to the next. You play with cars about as much as Greyson does =)
*have started hearing the words "No No" a lot lately. If you are doing something you shouldn't & I get on to you, your feelings get hurt & you start crying. It's actually pretty cute but you usually listen & move on to something else
*have added a few words to your vocabulary like Uh Oh & Papa...sometimes you will say Nana. Say "bye bye" when you wave, Mama, Dada & Pah Cah (patty cake) still try to mimic words too
*if you see people clapping (on a movie, tv or at an event) you chime right in & clap too. You have started "singing" in church & like lots of attention 
*are very mobile...we have to watch what you pull up on & are a very fast crawler. Crawled up 2 steps at Nana's house & started standing on your own without holding on to anything...I have not tried getting you to walk but I'm sure you will take off on your own before too long!
*are in size 3-4 disposable diapers & still wearing our cloth diapers & moved on to all of the cloth diapers we used for Greyson
*wearing 9-12 mo size clothes depending on brand, 12-18 month sleepers & size 2-3 shoes  
*have been good with people but reach for people you recognize, especially mommy
*still like to know everything that is going on & hate to be left out of things! You do NOT like being left alone
*are showing independence & strong will!
*you had your first airplane ride this month to visit Nana & Papa in Pennsylvania-- you did so good traveling & being away from home for a long time
*love riding & being outdoors...any vehicle or thing that moves puts you to sleep...even airplanes!
*still do not like hats very you pull them off, but you have tried to put them back on yourself, so maybe you are just trying to be independent & do it yourself
*saw the first snow of the season the first day after we got to PA & had to get new winter boots & a new coat =)

What we are looking forward to: 

*Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg
*First Birthday Celebration!!

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