Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Latest Adventures Part 1

I'm behind in sharing all of our activities lately! We have done so much...I guess we are trying to get in as much as we can before our baby girl arrives in a few months. =)
Our latest adventures began at Peach Park when we stopped by our little friends 6th birthday party. They had 2 horses & a cow for kids to "ride" =)
Greyson loves peaches...any fruit really, but I promised him I would get some fresh peaches at the farmers market while we were there. They were delicious!!
Next we went to the State Horse Show in Montgomery, AL. Daddy got two 3rd's & a 2nd in his classes out of 80+ horses so we were VERY excited! He also won a gorgeous crystal trophy from the paint association because he was the highest ranking paint in that class. Of COURSE I forgot to take a picture of it & it is already being showcases in his office at work. Greyson enjoyed the show too & even took a good long nap next to the horses stall =) We had a good little set up until a storm blew in, then we went to a friends horse trailer where Greyson ate snacks & played with their dog while I chilled in the air conditioning.

We finally got moved into our new house. It went slower than we thought because Matt decided NOT to hire a moving company so we had to move all that heavy furniture ourselves. We had great friends help us a long the way...don't know what we would have without them! 

Greyson loves to help me vaccum =) It was nice having our friends there to help set things up & Greyson got to hang out with his buddy Jace. They watched a LOT of Curious George! We still have lots to do but we are getting day at a time!
Our current adventure finds us up north on one last little "hurrah" trip before the new baby comes. Greyson & I flew out Sept. 14th for Indiana. First stop- The Tomlins! My bff Jodi has been asking me to come visit for quite awhile & it finally worked out for me to go. One day we met up with another bff Becca & her girls & went to the apple orchard! SO MUCH FUN! We got lots of apples & have made apple crisp, apple dumplings & applesauce out of them so far.
 They had lots of fun little things for the kids to do. G's favorites were the big red tractor, animals & swings.

Greyson had lots of fun playing with Grace & Kaylynn-- Its always nice to have other little ones to play with =) We topped it off with lunch at Panera Bread & a trip to Costco.
The next day, Jodi & I took Greyson to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. I was SO glad we got to do something like this...we had never been & he had so much fun. His favorite exhibits were in the Play Scape zone & train station. He also got to try on some Avatar shoes, "drive" a race car & ride a carousel.
Major high light...playing in water =)
 Trains are definitely on the birthday/Christmas lists this year....he's obsessed & was quite distraught when we had to go home.
Other activities included, ME making a fall wreath, shopping, a cookout with friends, lots of eating, walks & we even got to meet a cute little puppy!
We are in the north until Oct. 1st so there is still lots to post about.
Stay tuned for our latest adventures Part 2!
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Monday, September 9, 2013

26 Weeks!

Wow! It seems like this pregnancy is going by SO fast!! Mainly because we have been so busy...I just hope I can get everything done in time before December gets here =)
How Far Along: 26 weeks 6 days
Size of baby: 14 inches long & 2 lbs.
Weight gain so far: 0 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Wearing regular & some maternity clothes. 
Gender: Baby girl! I have another ultrasound this week but we have already decided on a name so I hope it stays that way =)
Movement: Very visible even to Greyson...his eyes get big & he opens his mouth, it's so funny
Sleep: A little more uncomfortable but it could be because we are sleeping on a mattress on the floor...
 Symptoms: Heartburn here & there
What I miss: Being able to lift & carry heavier has been hard trying to move & not being able to do as much
Cravings: Still like the sweet stuff! 
Best Moment this week: Greyson felt the baby kick (he didn't like it) & we have been moving into our new house all week...also had a GREAT moving sale & got rid of TONS of stuff
What I am looking forward to: Getting the rest of our items moved to the house & finally sleeping there. I go to Indiana on Saturday!!!! =)

After all this moving, I am ready for a break. It has been nice that we can do a little at a time but now I'm just ready to be done! I can't wait to visit my friends coming up this weekend & then move on to visiting family. I am excited for Greyson to meet his great-grandparents for the first time & for my mom to come back with me to help get the house set up. It will be a great month!
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