Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Festivities!

 Greyson has really enjoyed his first Fall season. We have done so many fun things! 
He got his first pumpkin from Nana when we visited that cute little farmers market in PA, but then later while we were there, we got to go to Applefest!

Applefest is a fun craft type fair that has live music, great food & lots of fun things to shop for. I had not been up north & able to go for 9 years! I used to go every year right up until I graduated from high school...since then, mom & dad have gone on their own. It was fun to get to take Greyson this year & relive the fun memories I had of that place. 

I was able to get lots of cute items for Christmas presents & we couldn't go home without getting a big bag of Kettle Corn!

The fall trees during that time were absolutely gorgeous! We got to meet up with my aunt & uncle & cousin, Ryan while we were there. It was fun to see them & walk through the displays together. 

Pennsylvania is about 6 weeks ahead of Alabama in weather. While we usually have warmer temperatures, our trees & flowers..etc. always fall or bloom later in the year. We left the cooler PA temps & came home to some nice 80+ degree weather! It hit 96 one day after we got home & I was glad Greyson was able to get some more wear out of his shorts & t-shirts. 

However, now that we are just about into November, & with the help of hurricane Sandy I'm sure, cold weather has blown its way over. It has been a beautiful sunny 60 degrees this week, but the evenings are much cooler & we had to break out a warm coat & hat for Greyson on our latest trip to the pumpkin patch. 

We started a tradition going to the pumpkin patch with our friends just to enjoy the fall festivities & pick out our pumpkins for the front porch. We were so excited to take Greyson to the Cotton Picking Festival at the pumpkin patch this year! 

He loves anything with steering wheels so we got him on a neat tractor. Our friends kids, Lexie & Jace were along & they all wore their matching Owl shirts that my good friend, Jenn, made on her last visit. They were TOO cute!

Our attempt at a good family photo took several tries...good enough for me!

This one makes me laugh because his face says it all...."No, I don't want to smile....Just kidding!" haha

I just LOVE their owl shirts! We saved them just for this occasion. Greyson's has a little top hat & bowtie & says "I am a hoot", Lexie's is a princess owl & Jace has a rockstar owl complete with a mohawk & guitar =) They definitely capture each one's personality!

Greyson loving on sweet Lexie =)

He loved getting to see all the cute little animals in the barn...he's been doing this thing lately where he squeals & hollers very loudly whenever he encounters something small & furry...our cat isn't too fond of it & he's been known to scare a puppy or 2 with his noises!

He wasn't too sure about the cotton though...we tried to get him to pick some & he just didn't want to touch it! You know you are in the south when you get to walk in the cotton fields & pick some =)

During this festival, they put on a cival war reenactment. We visited the "camp" & got to see lots of soldiers & other participants making lunch as they came back from battle. Surprisingly the cannon that they fired several times didn't seem to phase Greyson at all...he is usually scared of loud noises so we were glad he did great.

Finally at the pumpkin patch, we tried to get the traditional "kids sitting on a pumpkin" photo...but he was very unsure & hates feeling unsteady. If he's off balance at all he starts to get upset...our riding toys & rocking horse will have to wait until he can firmly plant those feet on the ground =) 

So we fixed that problem by sitting him on a smaller pumpkin & let him play with another one in front of him. He was fine then... =) 

We had so much fun picking out our pumpkins!

Everything we did & everything we saw, had this little guy tuckered out before we even got out of the patch! He was sound asleep when we arrived at the car...all in all it was a successful, fun day & we are already looking forward to next year when he will be walking on his own & maybe even able to pick out his own pumpkin! =)

Tonight, we are going to our church's Trunk or Treat event. As Christians, we don't feel right "celebrating" Halloween for what it stands for so instead we use it as an opportunity to meet the kids in our community & pass out invitations to our Kings Kids program held on Sunday mornings. 

We dress up in fun, NON- scary costumes & line our cars up in the parking lot. Even though Greyson is still too little for candy, he is still participating by wearing the adorable little puppy dog outfit that my inlaws got him for Christmas last year. He was only 2 weeks old then, but we have looked forward to him getting to wear it ever since! We have been practicing saying, Woof, Bow Wow & Ruff...hopefully one of those will come out tonight. I also got him the cutest little crocheted pail at the Pumpkin Patch that he can carry to get his goodies. Gigi (who has decided to change her Grandma name to Mimi) is prepared with yogurt bites & baby snacks so he won't have to give up ALL of his goodies to his parents =) We will also visit G-daddy & G-mama after the event & they have some things for him too. 

I can't wait to share that with you later...but for now, everyone be safe this Halloween! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our life lately

It's October!!
I can't believe how fast this year has gone.
I am amazed how LONG it seemed that I was pregnant & then once Greyson arrived, life has just flown by. He will be a year old in just a couple more months.
Because it feels like these last few months have been a blur...I will try to bring you up to date on what has been going on in our lives lately.

After all the wedding buzz & my friend Jenn came to visit, we headed to Matt's state horse show the first weekend in September. He showed in 2 had around 80 horses showing & the other had 30. He won 2nd place in BOTH shows! Of course, we were hoping for a first, but reserve champion was great!

Greyson did great...he was relatively quiet during the shows & seemed fascinated by all the horses.

The rest of the month included playdates, time with Matt's family, a birthday party & a visit from Nana & Papa Ritchey =)

Greyson had his 9 month appointment on Sept. 10th. No shots this time, but he had a finger prick...he did so good. Here he is checking out his bandaid.

We celebrated Grandparents day with G'pa & Gigi (because Nana & Papa were still in PA)

Hanging out with G'pa in the hammock at the farm.
I love his little lion shirt & shoes =)

Greyson's little friend Jon William turned 1 year old! He had an adorable cowboy theme (notice his shirt with a JW on it) complete with cow printed balloons. Greyson has not mastered crawling yet & all of the other babies his age were going everywhere! It was cute to see them so infatuated with each other though. Nana was in town by then so she got to come with us.

We did a lot of shopping while Nana was visiting =)

While my parents were in town, we got word that my grandma (Mama, my dad's mother) was not doing well. She has been in the hospital for several weeks with some physical problems & my parents decided to cut the trip short. Since I have been working from home & had no real ties keeping me in town, I decided to go back with them to PA.

Since Alabama is about 6 weeks behind PA in weather, I had to pull out most of Greyson & I's fall clothes. We got everything packed up in the car, said goodbye to daddy & hit the road. We made it to PA Monday evening & I have been here almost 2 weeks. I thought I would stay a little over a week & get a ticket home, but the tickets were SO expensive! I finally found one for a great price flying out next week. It's been a LONG time away from Matt but thankfully we have been able to skype & it has made it a little easier. Greyson thought skyping with daddy was so funny! He just kept "flapping" his arms, squealed & stared at the screen.

We have had a lot of fun but have also been able to visit Mama in the hospital several times. She LOVES seeing Greyson & he beams at her every time we go in. She is on the road to recovery & God has really pulled her through. She is very tired & weak...I'm glad we have had this time together since I live so far away.

 It is gorgeous here! The fall leaves have turned almost everywhere & I snapped several pictures during a drive out to a fresh market. They had pumpkins, mums, fresh produce & a little craft store.

 Nana got him his FIRST pumpkin! He loved it =)

Glad Nana gets to spend time with her little baba...

...and Papa too!
Greyson was enthralled with that pumpkin....=) We LOVE fall!

Greyson has been crawling a little better since we've been here, he has cut 2 teeth (Finally!) & he has learned a few more words along with some funny head shaking moments.

Sunday night dad was preaching & mentioned that he had told Greyson he didn't want any competition during the service because he gets so much attention from the congregation (of course he is joking & talks about Greyson during his services all the time =)
Greyson was very good during this particular service but at one point he let out 2 very loud "screams" while looking at the people behind us & it got everyones attention. Dad took that moment to tell Greyson he needed to "straighten up"while laughing at his little antics & at that EXACT moment Greyson started shaking his head NO! It was so funny, everyone just started laughing! Another time, a friend of ours asked him if he was ready for a baby sister & he shook his head No again! I think he knows exactly what we are saying...hahaha

Well, I hope this has brought you up to date a little bit on what has been going on with us lately!
Lots more to catch up on, but I will try to do that soon =)

I'm a CEO!