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Rilynn's Nursery

{Rilynn's Nursery}

I am way behind on catching up on the blog. Too much traveling & exciting things going on in our family. BUT I realized I never shared Rilynn's Nursery / AKA our current bedroom here. I did post pictures on Facebook, but thats about as far as I get with updates. 

Some of the photos were taken at night & others during the day so the lighting isn't always the greatest! I had fun doing this room. I wanted it to be something Rilynn would grow up with but not too baby like so Matt & I could enjoy sleeping in there as well. 

We took a "shabby-french inspired- chic" approach so I could reuse some paris/french decor I used to have in my old kitchen. I wanted light gray walls with a stenciled accent wall, pops of light pink & neutrals. 

This sweet picture of Mimi meeting Rilynn for the first time sits on her dresser. As you can see...her hair bow collection has grown quite significantly from the last photo. 

Pretty much everything in the room was recycled...all the baby furniture, chair & most of the decor were things I already had on hand. My aunt makes lots of crafts & decor in this theme so I bought some little trinkets & items from her to place around the room. 

My friend Emily, that does all the appliqued shirts for me, made this burlap subway art of Rilynn's stats. Its a favorite in that room for sure! The little nest & decor on the candle along with the "fleurs" sign, abc deco pot & glass candle holder are some of the little decorations my aunt made. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the accent wall turned out! We had painters do it since I was EXTREMELY pregnant at the time & Matt was traveling so much he couldn't do it himself. We had them paint the walls light gray & then stenciled over the existing cream paint that was a perfect match to the cream furniture we already had.
Gray is funny in different light...the color we chose was called "Grayish" & is super light some light it looks darker pulling tan tones & in others looks light lavender. I would have gone a touch darker if I had it to do over...but that's not happening! =)

The door on the left goes into a small bathroom...I don't know why I dont' have a picture of it, but there is a large eiffel tower that hangs on the wall. The other is a nice sized walk in closet as you can see.
Rilynn's monthly pictures were taken with her name on this cute chalkboard. I had these glass curtain rods but couldn't really use them over her window so I used it on this blank wall.

A chandelier would have looked super cute in this room, but I refused to give up my ceiling fan...especially since Matt & I are using this room as well. We use fans a lot...even with central air conditioning, we just need some air circulation in the summer so I tried to come up with another way to have a pretty, chandelier like hanging item & ended up making this mobile. 

I did a post about how I made it here...& I love the way it turned out. It definitely added something more to the room & Rilynn still loves looking at it when she is falling asleep or rocking in the chair.

We had the crib but needed a queen sized bed for Matt & I to sleep in. Rilynn & Greyson's rooms are SO far from the Master bedroom upstairs so to be closer to the kids, we moved in the nursery. I found this headboard at kirklands & since it looked like that burlap feel I was going with, we snatched it up. We had a little trouble in the purchasing process though. Not going to lie...the most rude, non helpful staff ever. During the purchase I was reassured it would be wrapped & ready to go when my husband came back to pick it up. Upon was just sitting there like it was in the store. Nothing had been wrapped or covered & fabric in the back of a dirty work truck just wasn't going to cut it. It led to one employee telling my husband to go dumpster diving if HE wanted to find something to cover it with. I made a few phone was pretty annoying & I'm not one to complain but we were told one thing, & pretty much the opposite happened with some uncalled for actions. I didn't even ask for compensation but they did give us a discount...which led to me also finding the lamp shades at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. The lamps were a wedding gift that I spray painted white so everything tied in together. 

The bed spread is from Crane & Canopy-- packaging from them is SO super cute! & I felt like it would go nicely on her "big girl bed" once we have officially moved back upstairs. Everything else was previous decor I had, gifts or hand me downs. Sometimes I feel like the room is a little cluttered & then other times I want to hang more stuff on the walls...but for now I think it's a happy medium. If Pinterest would just quit giving me more ideas I think I would be fine. =)

We are really enjoying this room....but am looking forward to the time when we can move back upstairs to the master. Until then... =) So this is Rilynn's room. Someday we might move Mimi's furniture that was hers when she was little into here. It has a dresser with a mirror & a desk that turns into a vanity. I also have a small iron twin & a half bed that I think would look amazing in here as well, so we have a few furniture options for when she gets bigger. The queen bed might make its way upstairs for our guests...I'm sure they would appreciate it more than the double! 

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