Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

I can't believe another year has come & gone. 2013 was a big year for us! We had our ups & downs...our sad times & happy times...overall God has blessed us & we are ever grateful for His faithfulness & help throughout the year.

We lost 3 special loved ones...but added 3 beautiful's amazing to think God worked it out that way so that even with loss, we have gain. 
In our own family, we experienced joy in finding out we would have another baby...a girl this time & she has been an absolute dream these 3 weeks of her life. I rang in the new year cuddling her, surrounded by friends & family, just watching a movie, feeling loved. She is so precious & beautiful! Definitely the highlight of the year!

Another big event was traveling with Greyson to meet his extended family & some friends in IN, OH & PA. We had a wonderful time & it was the perfect way to spend quality time with my first born before his sister arrived. My grandma & grandpa Good finally got to meet Greyson & she read him his favorite book- The Little Engine That Could =) We also got to do lots of fun things & Nana & Papa were able to get lots of cuddle time in. 

At the same time, we moved into our new house. Mom was able to come back with me & help set up the house. She did so much for us during that time...I don't know what I would have done without her! We LOVE our new is pretty much everything I had hoped for. Someday we would like to update the kitchen, but other than that there isn't much to change. God provided us a place very close to my inlaws, out in the country, on a lake...the perfect place to raise a family =)

Matt's family business is seemed like every weekend they would have someone out on a service trip. He traveled a lot over the year & while it wasn't fun being away from him, the work they were getting was wonderful. My father in law said in all the years he had owned the business (over 25 years) he had never seen it this busy. Needless to say, I am grateful for a hard working husband!! Long days & short nights with kids in between have been hard but its a wonderful "problem" to have. So many people are without jobs & at a time when it seems bleak, we are being taken care of.

2013 was also a hard year for my mother in law & us as we watched & tried to help where we could. She has been battling cancer & the last few months of the year saw her in the hospital more than we would have liked. They are slowly trying to figure out the best form of treatment, the best way to take care of her & how we can also help her at home. She has had great care from family & friends. They cook, clean & help her with anything she may need. Her positive attitude during this time has made all the difference & we were still able to enjoy the holidays with her at home. We weren't sure she would get out of the hospital this last time for Christmas, but she made it back on Christmas Eve! We didn't have Christmas until Friday, but she wanted to do it. It wasn't just like we'd always done, but it was wonderful just to be together & share our gifts with each other. 

Without Jesus as the center of our lives, none of these few events in 2013 would be possible!
He has protected us over the many miles of traveling, He has comforted us when we needed it most. He has allowed our family to come for multiple visits & be here not only to help but it was such a blessing to have my parents arrive just in time for Rilynn's birth. God worked out everything we needed to sell our old house, buy a new one & once again...perfect timing! He has provided for us in more ways than we can count...He has sustained us when we felt drained. He has given us a great joy in our children & answered so many prayers in that area. He knows the future even when we are uncertain of the outcome. HE knows what we need!
In HIM, we don't have to worry about tomorrow...because he holds it in His hands. 

Welcome 2014! 

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