Tuesday, September 18, 2012

8 Months!

Here we are...another month come & gone. I can't believe how much time has passed within the last 2 blog posts! We have been really busy...& I'm trying to remember everything that Greyson is into these days. =) Right at this moment, we are enjoying the company of Nana & Grampa! (Yes, we are saying Grampa right now, not Grandpa or Pawpaw...although it's being debated...& Nana keeps saying Pawpaw anyway...we will see) -- Anyway, it has been wonderful having them here all the way from PA. I am so glad that they have gotten to see us every other month since he was born & haven't missed out on too many milestones. He is a couple weeks into his 9th month..so I'm playing catch up on this 8 month post, but they are getting to see Greyson's NEW & improved personality...this is for SURE! =)
so far you...
*STILL don't have one single tooth...but you are eating SO good. You are basically eating tablefood (as long as what we're having for dinner is soft & easy for you to "gum") with the occasional baby food jar mixed with cereal & your yogurt.
*are doing so well with all kinds of finger foods...we let you feed yourself most of the time & can't quite figure out if you are a lefty or a righty. You pick up & eat out of each hand regularly!
*weighed 24 pounds at the beginning of your 8th month, but you have lost 2 pounds since then =)
*still don't really crawl, but somehow you get around by either scooting on your bottom or rolling to your destination.
*have everyone wrapped around your little finger...everyone comments on how sweet you are because when they talk to you, you cock your head to the side all shy like & give a big grin.
*sleep pretty good all night...as long as those teeth are ok, you rarely wake up with in any 8 hr span
*go down very easily for your naps & for bedtime...all I have to do is lay you in your crib, give you Mr. Beary & you are content to do the rest on your own. Usually you are asleep with in just a few minutes.
*got some new books & enjoy story time while occasionally turning the pages
*are getting better at pulling yourself up...the dr. thinks you might walk before crawling...we will see!
*have learned how to push up to a sitting position. Getting from sitting to tummy was easy but you figured out how to use your head to push off the ground & get back into a sitting position...it is funny to watch!
*Still breastfeed about 4-6 times a day but they are short feedings & we are starting to cut back...I will miss it!
*officially in 12-24 month clothes...I packed up most of your 9 month things before you even actually hit 9 months =( but we are excited for NEW clothes! =) unfortunately most of your fall wardrobe fits NOW & it's not even cold yet!
*Spend more time playing on the floor than you do your jumperoo...it's still a favorite past time though
*have gotten a little more attached to mommy & are acting very unhappy if I am away too long. Hopefully this won't last long...
*act like you rediscover your hands every day! It's so funny to wach you "playing" with your hands while holding them in the air & acting like one of them is going to "get you"
*love the mirror...I think YOU have figured out it's really YOU in there =)
*clap to patty cake & have started saying buh bye & waving
What we are looking forward to:
*being a little doggie for halloween (costume from Gigi & G'pa for Christmas this last year)
*Going to Gatlinburg with all the Crawford's
*Thanksgiving in PA with the Ritchey's
*FIRST Birthday!! & having Nana, Grampa, U. Brandon & A. Richelle here (if everything works out)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This past month we have had lots of friends visit =) 
Greyson got to have a couple play dates with his good buddy, Jace. Jace is 7 months older but they are about the same size. Lately the pool has become a fun place to hang out in the 85+ degree weather! 
I had more pictures, but had to borrow this one from Jace's mommy since I haven't gotten those pictures off my phone yet. I will post more later! 

Who's ready for some college football?!? WE ARE!!! can you guess who roots for who in Alabama? This picture was SO cute...they had been "tackling" each other prior to this, but we're not sure who really won. Finally they called a truce & were back to being buds...we are excited for this season! Not sure Auburn is going to do all that well this year, but WAR EAGLE! (Oh & pretty sure Jace is the cutest little Alabama fan out there...but we can't watch football together when AL & Auburn play each other=)

My bff Jenn got to finally come visit us all the way from Indiana! She has been my friend since we were 4 & 5 years old making her my longest/oldest friendship to date. We grew up together, attended college together & then she was maid of honor in my wedding. She photographed my maternity pictures but never got to meet Greyson until now! She was able to spend 2 whole weeks with us & we had SO much fun! 
Of course Greyson took to her right away & they became best buds =)

Jenn got to experience her first horse show with us. She was super excited & Greyson was just ready to get in & out...=) it was HOT & he was sleepy...

Matt did really good & won 1st in one class, 2nd in the other & then it was time to go!

We did lots of shopping, eating out, visited with friends & just spent time talking & reliving fun memories of the past. I miss living near her & we always have a great time when we are together. She is one of those friends that we can go without talking for awhile, but pick right back up where we left off. 

Of course Jenn being a photographer also spent a few days taking Greyson's "9 month pictures"...He technically isn't 9 months for a few more days but I really wanted her to take them & she did an amazing job! Here are several pictures she took of us with Greyson =)

Thanks for coming Jenn & for taking these wonderful, amazing pictures!!! 

I have shared her talent before but if anyone is every interested in her photography, she does EVERYTHING! You can check out her facebook site here!

7 Months!

Little bean is growing by leaps & bounds..I can't keep him little for anything! 
This month has been busy, busy, busy & there has been little time for blogging.

so far you...

*turned 7 months while we were up north visiting Nana & Grampa =)
*are teething pretty hard again, but just gums...no teeth
*weigh 23 pounds & are very long but not sure just how many inches you are
*are creeping but not crawling. You get up on all 4's & rock back & forth but thats it
*notice when mommy is not around & usually whimper when I leave but then you are fine 2 seconds later
*are still just as sweet & smiley as before! Everyone comments on how good you are =) 
*make funny faces when you want to entertain us
*sleep anywhere from 8-10 hours every night without waking up & take regular naps from 30 minutes to 2 hours long morning or afternoon =)
*love your books, toys & anything new you can get your hands on
*pulled yourself up for the first time in daddy's truck! Later you pulled up in your crib & you like to peek out as us in the mornings
*can go from a sitting position to your tummy when you want to reach for something
*still love yogurt & yogurt melts but have a LARGE variety of food now
*started eating finger foods & you are doing well with picking them up & feeding yourself but we need to work on the "release" method once it gets in your mouth =)
*still breastfeeding but only in the evenings before bed & mornings when you wake up. Every now & then we add in another feeding when you seem upset or tired
*only drink juice when you are really hot or thirsty...like drinking out of a water bottle & cup
*wear 9-24 mo clothes...some of those sizes are skewed, but all of your fall clothes are fitting right now & it's not even "fall" yet!
*have moved up another notch in the jumperoo! Only one more before you outgrow your favorite past time
*sometimes watch SPROUT on tv & pay attention to it but only when there is music or someone is singing a song. We aren't really into watching much tv at this age though...you play more with your toys on the floor or in your crib

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