Tuesday, September 18, 2012

8 Months!

Here we are...another month come & gone. I can't believe how much time has passed within the last 2 blog posts! We have been really busy...& I'm trying to remember everything that Greyson is into these days. =) Right at this moment, we are enjoying the company of Nana & Grampa! (Yes, we are saying Grampa right now, not Grandpa or Pawpaw...although it's being debated...& Nana keeps saying Pawpaw anyway...we will see) -- Anyway, it has been wonderful having them here all the way from PA. I am so glad that they have gotten to see us every other month since he was born & haven't missed out on too many milestones. He is a couple weeks into his 9th month..so I'm playing catch up on this 8 month post, but they are getting to see Greyson's NEW & improved personality...this is for SURE! =)
so far you...
*STILL don't have one single tooth...but you are eating SO good. You are basically eating tablefood (as long as what we're having for dinner is soft & easy for you to "gum") with the occasional baby food jar mixed with cereal & your yogurt.
*are doing so well with all kinds of finger foods...we let you feed yourself most of the time & can't quite figure out if you are a lefty or a righty. You pick up & eat out of each hand regularly!
*weighed 24 pounds at the beginning of your 8th month, but you have lost 2 pounds since then =)
*still don't really crawl, but somehow you get around by either scooting on your bottom or rolling to your destination.
*have everyone wrapped around your little finger...everyone comments on how sweet you are because when they talk to you, you cock your head to the side all shy like & give a big grin.
*sleep pretty good all night...as long as those teeth are ok, you rarely wake up with in any 8 hr span
*go down very easily for your naps & for bedtime...all I have to do is lay you in your crib, give you Mr. Beary & you are content to do the rest on your own. Usually you are asleep with in just a few minutes.
*got some new books & enjoy story time while occasionally turning the pages
*are getting better at pulling yourself up...the dr. thinks you might walk before crawling...we will see!
*have learned how to push up to a sitting position. Getting from sitting to tummy was easy but you figured out how to use your head to push off the ground & get back into a sitting position...it is funny to watch!
*Still breastfeed about 4-6 times a day but they are short feedings & we are starting to cut back...I will miss it!
*officially in 12-24 month clothes...I packed up most of your 9 month things before you even actually hit 9 months =( but we are excited for NEW clothes! =) unfortunately most of your fall wardrobe fits NOW & it's not even cold yet!
*Spend more time playing on the floor than you do your jumperoo...it's still a favorite past time though
*have gotten a little more attached to mommy & are acting very unhappy if I am away too long. Hopefully this won't last long...
*act like you rediscover your hands every day! It's so funny to wach you "playing" with your hands while holding them in the air & acting like one of them is going to "get you"
*love the mirror...I think YOU have figured out it's really YOU in there =)
*clap to patty cake & have started saying buh bye & waving
What we are looking forward to:
*being a little doggie for halloween (costume from Gigi & G'pa for Christmas this last year)
*Going to Gatlinburg with all the Crawford's
*Thanksgiving in PA with the Ritchey's
*FIRST Birthday!! & having Nana, Grampa, U. Brandon & A. Richelle here (if everything works out)

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