Tuesday, September 4, 2012

7 Months!

Little bean is growing by leaps & bounds..I can't keep him little for anything! 
This month has been busy, busy, busy & there has been little time for blogging.

so far you...

*turned 7 months while we were up north visiting Nana & Grampa =)
*are teething pretty hard again, but just gums...no teeth
*weigh 23 pounds & are very long but not sure just how many inches you are
*are creeping but not crawling. You get up on all 4's & rock back & forth but thats it
*notice when mommy is not around & usually whimper when I leave but then you are fine 2 seconds later
*are still just as sweet & smiley as before! Everyone comments on how good you are =) 
*make funny faces when you want to entertain us
*sleep anywhere from 8-10 hours every night without waking up & take regular naps from 30 minutes to 2 hours long morning or afternoon =)
*love your books, toys & anything new you can get your hands on
*pulled yourself up for the first time in daddy's truck! Later you pulled up in your crib & you like to peek out as us in the mornings
*can go from a sitting position to your tummy when you want to reach for something
*still love yogurt & yogurt melts but have a LARGE variety of food now
*started eating finger foods & you are doing well with picking them up & feeding yourself but we need to work on the "release" method once it gets in your mouth =)
*still breastfeeding but only in the evenings before bed & mornings when you wake up. Every now & then we add in another feeding when you seem upset or tired
*only drink juice when you are really hot or thirsty...like drinking out of a water bottle & cup
*wear 9-24 mo clothes...some of those sizes are skewed, but all of your fall clothes are fitting right now & it's not even "fall" yet!
*have moved up another notch in the jumperoo! Only one more before you outgrow your favorite past time
*sometimes watch SPROUT on tv & pay attention to it but only when there is music or someone is singing a song. We aren't really into watching much tv at this age though...you play more with your toys on the floor or in your crib

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