Wednesday, October 30, 2013

34 Weeks!

I've got a little over a month this point it seems like time has just flown by to get me here & now it is standing still. I always felt like the last month took the longest! Even with all the holidays coming up there is so much to do & while I think we won't get it all done in time...I still wish this little one would hurry up & get here!
How Far Along: 34 weeks 2 days
Size of baby: 18 inches long & 5.8 lbs.
Weight gain so far: 9 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing some regular clothes, but mostly maternity at this point. I found 3 sweaters in the Jr. section at Belks a week or so ago because I needed "warmer" clothes. They could pass for maternity but will be great wearing during the winter months after baby comes. I am wearing one of them in the pictures!
Gender: A Girl! Daddy picked the name - He told me another girl name he thought would be cool to use for the "next one" haha It is the last name of a country singer...go figure! Maybe he will pick the girls names & I'll get to pick all the boys names =)
Movement: So much more active than Greyson ever was...she is all over the place! My mother in law could not believe how much she was wiggling around the other day 
Sleep: Still taking Tylenol at night to help with stiffness while sleeping, but doing good!
 Symptoms: Heartburn & back pain here & there- low iron so I am on iron pills until delivery
What I miss: Doing simple daily activities! It is hard to bend over & pick things up or carry laundry. I am working on Christmas presents & simple things get tiresome after awhile
Cravings: Never ending dessert! 
Best Moment this week: All our fun fall activities!
What I am looking forward to: A baby sprinkle that my friends are throwing for me at Olive Garden! 
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Fall Fun!

We sure have enjoyed a lot of activities this fall! 

This past week, we made it back to our play group for a mini baby "sprinkle" for Amanda & I. She is having a boy in January & our girl will be here in December...both 2nd time moms, both with the opposite gender. We had fun sharing clothes & enjoying play date with all our kids =)

Over the weekend, we went on our annual trip to the Old Baker Farm Pumpkin Patch! It has become tradition to go with our friends, the Powell's. This year, Matt had a registered horse show in Tennessee on the same weekend, so he had to miss it. I invited my friend Courtney along instead in Matt's absence. 

We started taking Lexi to the PP when she was just a baby...since then we have added the 2 boys! We have done matching shirts the last 2 yrs in a row. Emily did CUTE little pumpkin/initial shirts this year & I loved them! Next year we will add at least one baby (if not more) to the group since Courtney & her husband are expecting as well. Who knows...they might continue the tradition & come with us too!


They got to see lots of animals, play in the hay, pick cotton...etc. It was the festival so there were tons of vendors to shop from, food to eat, live music & the cival war reenactment was also taking place. We didn't do the hay & corn maze or pony rides (we get those anyway) but it is a great set up with lots of fun things to do there.

Love this little man! He is so precious...& I'm so glad we have been able to do all these fun things together...just me & him before baby comes =)

Hay ride to the patch!

He found the perfect size =) 

 After getting our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, we made our way to Courtney's house for a fun fall party with the youth from our church. We roasted hotdogs around the fire & ate a good supper. Then we carved our pumpkins. 

It was a long day but well worth all the fun =)

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

32 Weeks!

Because of the moving, traveling & sickness in our family...I took a long a 6 wk break from pregnancy photos. Looking from 26-32 weeks is quite the change! 
Greyson was not very happy at the timing of his photo...he even asked where the sign was to hold, but lack of a nap turned him into a Mr. Cranky Pants & this was the best sign photo we had =P

How Far Along: 32 weeks 3 days
Size of baby: 17inches long & 4 lbs.
Weight gain so far: 5 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Wearing some regular clothes, but mostly maternity at this point
Gender: A Girl! Daddy picked a name awhile ago but wants to wait until she is born to announce it
Movement: Very aggressive! She is much more active than Greyson ever was...I am carrying differently this time around, so everything is out front making it a lot more noticeable. Sometimes I think she will kick her way out!
Sleep: Pretty good considering! I get stiff if I lay for long periods of time, so getting up in the night is pretty sore, but taking Tylenol seems to help every now & then
 Symptoms: Heartburn here & there
What I miss: I am now big enough that every day activities are harder for me but I'm in the nesting phase & am on my feet a lot!
Cravings: Never ending dessert! 
Best Moment this week: Spending some quality time with my little boy in our new house, seeing my mother in law get out of the hospital & Greyson getting a pony yesterday!
What I am looking forward to: Setting up the nursery & attending a couple baby showers that my friends are having for me & Baby R =)
"I just want to go to bed already!" -Greyson
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Thank You Nana!!

We are ALL MOVED IN!!!
 While we were in PA, my mother in law was put in the hospital with a rare form of pneumonia. Since she is also battling cancer, she ended up staying in the hospital more than 2 weeks! My mom knew there was no way that Lela would be able to help us set up our new house & we have wanted her to take it easy anyway, so during our move, we relied mostly on our friends to help us.

The next phase was unpacking & getting everything set up & organized. I offered to pay my mom's way to Alabama so she could help us for awhile. It worked out perfectly for us to fly back together & she stayed a week & worked non-stop! 

 She was able to get lots more loving in with Greyson, but I cannot tell you the amount of work we accomplished with her here in that short time. She did countless loads of laundry & unpacking. She had a place for everything & we were able to go through every box & reorganize it all. Greyson liked to "help" her every now & then, but it was nice when Uncle "B" would come over & entertain him so we could keep working. =)
We had 3 garages to go through...I figured we'd do what we could & there would still be a ton left to do. Wonder Woman Nana left with only a few decorations to put up & things to hang on the walls. We still have to paint the kids rooms, get them set up & I have a few projects to work on, but everything else is pretty much done. In addition to her help, she even cooked, cleaned & bought all kinds of items that we needed to help us get organized. 

At the airport, Greyson seemed to think Nana's suitcase was pretty heavy! 
I don't know what I would do without parents like this to be there for us when we need them. We never imagined my mother in law would be so sick at the same time we would move & that we would have so much going on with the family we have close to us. It is wonderful that we are now living a few hundred yards from my in-laws & that we can help & be here to help her recover. 
In the mean time, my parents that live so far away, are still there for us. I can always count on them...even if I can help out with a few of the traveling costs here & there, they make the time to show us they care, love us & will do anything for us in our time of need. 

I am excited to be able to share a couple more weeks with them in December when our baby girl arrives. It might be a shorter trip considering this trip was not planned, but a girl always wants her mom around with a new baby...& who knows what Greyson will be up to during that time! 

A huge Thank You goes to my mom...our Nana! We couldn't have done it without you! & Thank you to Papa for letting her come & fending for himself all week =)

As an update: My mother in law got out of the hospital this past monday. She is doing remarkably well but still has a long way to go. I appreciate all the prayers, kind words & cards that were sent! 
Thank you!
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Our Latest Adventures Part 2

After we spent some time with my friends, we made our way to my cousins house in Huntington, IN. My cousin's little boy Kanaan & Greyson became fast friends. 
Greyson made himself at home with a nap on their comfy chair. 
We had a great time visiting with Jason, Melissa, Keira & Kanaan. I forgot to take many pictures while we were there =( The next day we headed to my grandparents house in Ohio.

 It was their first time meeting Greyson! We had a wonderful time & Nana came out to spend time with her family & take us back to PA. Greyson liked putting on "grampa goods" shoes & swinging with Nana. He was NOT very shy with all the new people & ended up being quite the little entertainer most of the time.

We spent a few days at gma & gpa Goods house & left on Sunday afternoon. We had a nice dinner & I made sure to get a picture of gma Good reading The Little Engine That Could to Greyson. We loved having her read books to us, & this train one became one of Greyson's favorites while we were there.

That night we made it to house #4 & stayed with Uncle Brandon & Aunt Richelle. We got to see their new house! It was Nana's first time being inside it too & it was all so beautiful! Once again Greyson made himself at home...he persuaded Aunt Richelle to let him play in her kitchen sink, then climbed in & out of all their furniture =P
 Monday afternoon, we got to visit OCU where Uncle Brandon works & eat lunch with him. They liked to make funny faces at each other =) 
We said our goodbyes & made it to PA monday night.

There was lots of cuddling & playing with Papa & Nana over the next week. We got to see more family & friends & enjoy the nice fall weather.

 He got a fun light up ball from the Bickles when we visited them & learned to play ball with our cousins. Aunt Linda & Uncle Jerry are always so much fun to be around & Aunt Linda taught Greyson how to tell secrets...ha

One afternoon, Nana & Papa took us to the corn maze in their town. It was so much fun! We went on a hay ride & Greyson even got to ride a of his favorite things to do is ride. He was not very happy when it ended.
 Fall in PA is SO beautiful! The weather was perfect...not too cold for September yet but we did get to make a fire one night. 
Our last day there, Nana had to work in the church office before we left. We went down to visit her & Greyson found a walker in the foyer to play with. He pushed it all around & got Papa to give him a ride. It was so had just had an eye appointment so he had to wear funny glasses!

 Nana flew back to Alabama with us to help unpack & set up our new house. Greyson loves flying & slept most of the way. We had such a fun trip from Indiana to Pennsylvania. We crammed in lots of family & friend time & Greyson did so well being away from his daddy for 2 weeks. He also slept great being that we were in so many different houses & beds & with everyone he met, he never seemed overwhelmed by it all. It was a great time to get away with so much going on, but we were happy to get back home! =)

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