Saturday, January 28, 2012

Look who's GROWING

Greyson is getting so big!! 

He will be 2 months old in just over another week. I wanted to show how much he changed JUST in those first couple weeks! 

At birth he weighed 7lbs 9oz & was the time we left the hospital he was down to just 7lbs.

When he had his 3 week appointment, he had already gained up to 9lbs 6oz & was 21in! With another week added to that, I'm sure he gained even more =) Right now we think he is about 13 pounds & hasn't even had his 2 mo. check up yet...I wonder what he'll be then!

So far you...

*are a very good & pleasant baby & only cry when you need something
*started talking & cooing all the time
*like to be held & cuddled by ANYONE
*have outgrown several outfits, sleepers & onesies =(
*sleep better some nights than others...only up to 5hrs straight but we're working on adding more
*love your swing & can't get enough of those mobile bugs
*can hold your head up...lifting it up from being on your tummy is still hard though but its coming
*smile a LOT especially at mommy, daddy & G'pa (you smiled a lot at Nana when she was here too)
*love music...we have it on most of the day
*eat about every 2-4 hours...depending on the time of day/night
*can switch back & forth from breast feeding to a bottle very well
*love bath time, but not getting out
*got to go to your first horse show & did GREAT
*are VERY strong & almost flipped over when you were 8 minutes old! so that says a lot of where you are now! I think you would try to stand on my lap if I let go of you =)
*fall asleep in your car seat every time we go for a glad you like it! we will be traveling a lot soon & you will have to stay in it several hours at a time.

What we are looking forward to:

*being able to stay with GeeGee, Aunt Maudine & a few others while mommy goes back to work
(mommy isn't really looking forward to leaving you though)
*Dixie Nationals in Feb which will be your first trip away from home (5 hours & staying in a hotel for 4 nights) to see daddy show his horse, go to your first rodeo & free style reining events!
*Vacation to Hobe Sound, FL where we can finally meet MaMa Ritchey, Uncle Matt & Aunt Mindy & lots of other friends in the area (10 hour trip, but thankfully staying in GeeGee & G'pas FL house)


I'm learning a lot about what it means to be a mother & care for someone else. I wanted to take this time to share what it's been like for me to make this transition.

When I got married there was the transition of living with someone else. Yes, taking care of that person was included, but a husband can do things for himself (to some extent haha) 
We care for EACH OTHER & work along side that other person. 

{Baby Blues}
Everyone talks about it, but not everyone gets it. I wouldn't say I had MUCH of the baby blues, but I had to have a touch of something...that was evident.

When Greyson came into the world, having major surgery limited me from being able to do a lot right off the bat. Matt had to learn how to change the diapers, support me through breastfeeding & help me get around in the hospital. I don't know what I would have done without that strong support to care for not just me, but our new baby. 

You may have read about Greyson's birth in a previous post, but I didn't go into detail about my recovery. Labor & the actual C-section were tolerable & seemed like a breeze, compared to the rough time in the days that followed. They took me off the IV meds before ordering oral meds, which resulted in the wearing off of ALL pain meds completely so through me bawling my eyes out from the pain, the nurses finally realized I needed something STAT! Thankfully we figured out what medicine would actually work & we tried to stay on top of it...not great but I got through it.
Motherhood is the most beautiful most painful process there is.

I don't know if that's what started it...but I WAS weepy here & there for the first couple weeks.
Thankfully I had my mom stay with me at home for those first few weeks & it helped SO much...I don't know what I would have done without her.

A week after Greyson was born, I had to go have my staples removed. It was my first time out since the hospital. I think I was just overwhelmed making sure Greyson was ok since that was his first time out too & I had prepared some breast milk to take so I wouldn't have to nurse while we were out. 
Apparently there was a seal I forgot to include with that particular bottle & it leaked...even out of the bag it was in, down into the diaper bag & all over everything. 

Yup that's how I felt!! Who cries over spilled milk?? ME!!! & Greyson if he's ready to eat & I'm taking too long! as evident in this picture haha 

I would tear up at what seemed like the most ridiculous things. Sometimes I just felt plain overwhelmed...sometimes with Greyson, sometimes with the circumstances he was in & sometimes just because! I would be starving & it seemed like every time I was just sitting down to eat, Greyson would start crying & need fed. 
Motherhood means having your child's needs come before yours!

Other times he would be crying with someone holding him or in a circumstance that I needed to take care of...I just wanted to take him myself & make it better...
Motherhood means being able to trust in your instincts & know when he's ok or when he needs his mom!

Thankfully I didn't have the baby blues long & enjoyed "most" of the moments adjusting to being a new mom. Yes, there are days I feel like I get absolutely nothing done other than eating, nursing, pumping, changing diapers & sleeping. It's can wait, laundry can wait...yes I've even skipped a shower & haven't worn makeup for a few days straight but you gotta do whatcha gotta do! HAHA Matt is a good reason not to go too long without doing those things...I still AM married & still trying to look nice & be there for my husband...thankfully he understands how much it takes to raise & care for a baby. At least he does NOW anyway! =)

It actually turned out to be much easier than I anticipated. Things do come naturally for I said, having my mom here was the best thing EVER. I probably wouldn't have eaten or had clean clothes to wear at all if it weren't for her...those first few weeks home, all I did was take care of the baby. Of course, even though it's easier than I thought it's also the hardest job I've ever had. These few things about motherhood that I've mentioned don't even begin to scratch the surface of all it really entails. Through the ups & down, lessons learned & changes I will make to my life, I will add tons more to the term: Motherhood.

For now, I'm just proud that I've learned to prioritize what needs to get done, what can wait & what the day holds. I can take care of the housework, we have clean clothes, food on the table (most nights) & Matt is a huge help when we are going somewhere too...sometimes he's the one that gets Greyson changed, dressed & ready to leave. Our lives have continued on as normal except now we get to enjoy the new little person in it. It's amazing how many things you add to everyday living! 

Going out? Make sure you have milk & a bottle clean clothes for the baby, extra hats, burp cloths, bibs, a whole changing kit & anything that might come in handy in the mean time! haha 

This little guy is totally worth it...all the pain to begin with, all the frustration of adjusting & finally taking everyday to enjoy him & how he's changing & growing everyday! Who cares if it's almost February & I still have to take Christmas decorations down...=) I wouldn't trade my time with him for anything I "could've" done. 
Motherhood won't always be easy...but I LOVE it & am so blessed to be experiencing it.

Newborn Pictures

When Greyson was 9 days old we had his newborn pictures taken!
He had some done in the hospital, but these were taken at our house, by Steven Bagley. 
He is a friend of friends but quickly became one of my favorite people! 

He took LOTS of pictures, but I wanted to share SOME of my favorites =) 
*Enjoy this picture overload*

The ONLY one with his eyes open & I was holding him because he was ready to eat!

Taking a break with Nana

 We are having so much fun with our little guy. He is SO cute & getting bigger every day! 
He has changed so much since these photos were taken, but I love how they turned out. 

The Crawford Family

Exciting News!

2012 started off with some pretty exciting news ~ We are adding another member to our family!!! =)
I can't tell you how excited I am to share this with you...come July we will add a girl to the Ritchey clan.
We are all SOOO excited & thrilled! 

Now before you jump to any more conclusions...=) 
Did you catch that I said "Ritchey" not the Crawford family...Greyson won't be getting a sister THIS soon =) BUT he will be gaining an AUNT!

My brother Brandon has been dating Richelle McCullough for the past 3 (almost 4) years.

On New Years Eve (after just returning back to PA from their time with us in AL) Brandon prepared a very special evening for his girlfriend. They were going to celebrate their Christmas together so the plan was to get all dressed up & have a romantic dinner, then open their gifts to each other.

Brandon (with lots of help from my mom) got everything set up in front of the tree.

When they were finished eating, & had opened most of their gifts, the last one for Richelle included something very special. Even though it looked just like another Christmas present, & EVEN though she unwrapped a gray velvet box...the word is she didn't want to get her hopes up; she was totally surprised!

 Brandon didn't want to go into the year 2012 without being engaged...he had thrown her off completely & her mom had even asked if she thought Brandon would propose at this special dinner. Richelle said NO...not this year anyway! Later that day Brandon got permission from her mom & dad to marry her so it all worked out perfectly!

Reenacting the proposal 

The happy couple!

And the beautiful ring that he proposed with! 
(I copied all of these pictures from Richelle's facebook)

We are ALL so happy that Richelle is about to join our family. Their wedding is set for July & we can't wait. Richelle has become a very special part of our family...from day one she fit in perfectly & has become like a sister to me. With no pressure, I had told Brandon when we found out that I was expecting Greyson, I was going to have him call Richelle...AUNT Richelle =) even if they weren't engaged or married yet! haha I guess that got him moving because they will be married before Greyson learns to say that! We are blessed to have such a special, sweet, amazing & talented person added to our growing family & Brandon is one lucky guy! 

Congratulations Brandon & Richelle! We are SO happy for you & love you both so much!

Christmas 2011

I'm finally getting around to sharing about our Christmas! 
It has been a very busy time for us this month with a lot going on in Matt's family...without going into many details, please keep Matt's mom in your prayers. She is facing a lot right now & we all would greatly appreciate you remembering her & our family.

We had several celebrated Christmas' this year from a breakfast supper at Matt's aunt & uncles house, to Christmas eve with the rest of the Wilcox's playing dirty santa & then our Christmas day with the Crawfords & finished up with my family the day AFTER Christmas. (I have a feeling I'm going to say Christmas a LOT in this post!!)

Christmas at Aunt Maudine & Uncle Jimmy's

 Christmas at the Crawfords playing Dirty Santa with the Wilcox's
Pictured:  Bethany, Brent, Uncle Jimmy, Kayla & Jac
 Mark holding Allison & Rachel holding Greyson

Ben, Jac, Allison, Christa & Mark

Anyway, as you know we had Greyson dedicated on Christmas morning. Our church only had a service at 11am, so for us to celebrate Christmas as a family, Matt, Greyson & I got up early & went to GeeGee & G'pa's to see what Santa brought us. 
Greyson all ready to go

When we arrived, we found out that since we have started a new generation that Santa only visited Greyson this year. HA! it is well known that Santa doesn't have time to wrap gifts, so they are all laid out, but Matt & I had wrapped gifts this year, so I guess those were from Lela & Leslie! =)

Greyson's gifts from Santa

 Our gifts from L&L

Ben showing off the civil war gun he got, WHILE holding my son =)

G'pa & Greyson

Later that afternoon, after church & the dedication we went back over to the Crawfords for lunch. Mom, Brandon & G'mama & G'daddy joined us this time. G'mama gave us one gift that was not for Christmas, but rather a coming home present for Greyson.
She painted a picture of our house so that Greyson can have it when he grows up & moves away. His first home! =) We love it!! 

We had a wonderful time on Christmas day & it was cold enough to have a fire =) 

The next day, after dad & Richelle arrived from PA, we had Christmas with the Ritcheys at our house.

Our stockings....can you guess which one is Greyson's?


PJ's from mom & presents for me & Greyson
(p.s. We moved a bed into the living room for Richelle & Brandon slept on the couch & we also had a pack & play set up in there so our living room was transformed with extras)

 Opening Greyson's gift from Uncle Brandon & Aunt Richelle

A puffy vest & shirt (SO CUTE) that Brandon was very proud of! He couldn't wait for me to see it...I have always loved those vests for little kids & am so excited for him to wear it this fall.

opening presents

 Greyson's hospital pictures & announcement for mom & dad

 Mom got a Kindle from dad & was SO surprised =)

Tink enjoying the boxes & wrapping paper

Christmas isn't complete without some Christmas cookies!

So that ends the festivities of the holidays this year. It was so wonderful to reflect on what God has done for my family & that he gave us the most precious gifts we could ever ask for...His Son as our Heavenly father & OUR son to enjoy on earth. I am so blessed & thankful for all that He has given us.

I'm a CEO!