Saturday, January 28, 2012

Look who's GROWING

Greyson is getting so big!! 

He will be 2 months old in just over another week. I wanted to show how much he changed JUST in those first couple weeks! 

At birth he weighed 7lbs 9oz & was the time we left the hospital he was down to just 7lbs.

When he had his 3 week appointment, he had already gained up to 9lbs 6oz & was 21in! With another week added to that, I'm sure he gained even more =) Right now we think he is about 13 pounds & hasn't even had his 2 mo. check up yet...I wonder what he'll be then!

So far you...

*are a very good & pleasant baby & only cry when you need something
*started talking & cooing all the time
*like to be held & cuddled by ANYONE
*have outgrown several outfits, sleepers & onesies =(
*sleep better some nights than others...only up to 5hrs straight but we're working on adding more
*love your swing & can't get enough of those mobile bugs
*can hold your head up...lifting it up from being on your tummy is still hard though but its coming
*smile a LOT especially at mommy, daddy & G'pa (you smiled a lot at Nana when she was here too)
*love music...we have it on most of the day
*eat about every 2-4 hours...depending on the time of day/night
*can switch back & forth from breast feeding to a bottle very well
*love bath time, but not getting out
*got to go to your first horse show & did GREAT
*are VERY strong & almost flipped over when you were 8 minutes old! so that says a lot of where you are now! I think you would try to stand on my lap if I let go of you =)
*fall asleep in your car seat every time we go for a glad you like it! we will be traveling a lot soon & you will have to stay in it several hours at a time.

What we are looking forward to:

*being able to stay with GeeGee, Aunt Maudine & a few others while mommy goes back to work
(mommy isn't really looking forward to leaving you though)
*Dixie Nationals in Feb which will be your first trip away from home (5 hours & staying in a hotel for 4 nights) to see daddy show his horse, go to your first rodeo & free style reining events!
*Vacation to Hobe Sound, FL where we can finally meet MaMa Ritchey, Uncle Matt & Aunt Mindy & lots of other friends in the area (10 hour trip, but thankfully staying in GeeGee & G'pas FL house)

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