Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas 2011

I'm finally getting around to sharing about our Christmas! 
It has been a very busy time for us this month with a lot going on in Matt's family...without going into many details, please keep Matt's mom in your prayers. She is facing a lot right now & we all would greatly appreciate you remembering her & our family.

We had several celebrated Christmas' this year from a breakfast supper at Matt's aunt & uncles house, to Christmas eve with the rest of the Wilcox's playing dirty santa & then our Christmas day with the Crawfords & finished up with my family the day AFTER Christmas. (I have a feeling I'm going to say Christmas a LOT in this post!!)

Christmas at Aunt Maudine & Uncle Jimmy's

 Christmas at the Crawfords playing Dirty Santa with the Wilcox's
Pictured:  Bethany, Brent, Uncle Jimmy, Kayla & Jac
 Mark holding Allison & Rachel holding Greyson

Ben, Jac, Allison, Christa & Mark

Anyway, as you know we had Greyson dedicated on Christmas morning. Our church only had a service at 11am, so for us to celebrate Christmas as a family, Matt, Greyson & I got up early & went to GeeGee & G'pa's to see what Santa brought us. 
Greyson all ready to go

When we arrived, we found out that since we have started a new generation that Santa only visited Greyson this year. HA! it is well known that Santa doesn't have time to wrap gifts, so they are all laid out, but Matt & I had wrapped gifts this year, so I guess those were from Lela & Leslie! =)

Greyson's gifts from Santa

 Our gifts from L&L

Ben showing off the civil war gun he got, WHILE holding my son =)

G'pa & Greyson

Later that afternoon, after church & the dedication we went back over to the Crawfords for lunch. Mom, Brandon & G'mama & G'daddy joined us this time. G'mama gave us one gift that was not for Christmas, but rather a coming home present for Greyson.
She painted a picture of our house so that Greyson can have it when he grows up & moves away. His first home! =) We love it!! 

We had a wonderful time on Christmas day & it was cold enough to have a fire =) 

The next day, after dad & Richelle arrived from PA, we had Christmas with the Ritcheys at our house.

Our stockings....can you guess which one is Greyson's?


PJ's from mom & presents for me & Greyson
(p.s. We moved a bed into the living room for Richelle & Brandon slept on the couch & we also had a pack & play set up in there so our living room was transformed with extras)

 Opening Greyson's gift from Uncle Brandon & Aunt Richelle

A puffy vest & shirt (SO CUTE) that Brandon was very proud of! He couldn't wait for me to see it...I have always loved those vests for little kids & am so excited for him to wear it this fall.

opening presents

 Greyson's hospital pictures & announcement for mom & dad

 Mom got a Kindle from dad & was SO surprised =)

Tink enjoying the boxes & wrapping paper

Christmas isn't complete without some Christmas cookies!

So that ends the festivities of the holidays this year. It was so wonderful to reflect on what God has done for my family & that he gave us the most precious gifts we could ever ask for...His Son as our Heavenly father & OUR son to enjoy on earth. I am so blessed & thankful for all that He has given us.

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