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In any business opportunity, the question that everyone wants to know is... why. 
You might have one or several "why's" as to why you chose a home based business, but for many the same perk applies. TIME & Financial Freedom!! 

For me it was time. 
I left a full time sales & marketing job to be a stay at home mom. 
Someone else was raising my kids, someone else was seeing their first milestones, & the pull to be able to have time management & freedom to choose when, where & what I did with my day, was a very strong pull! 

Enter the motherhood years! My skin took a beating after I had kids. I dealt with cystic acne for several years! I was used to the breakouts & the months it took to get rid of one blemish, just to turn around & face another one just as the last one cleared. 
I used a lot of well known products. I went from dermatologist care, to all naturnal/organic, to essential oil based, to your every day run of the mill drug store brands! Nothing worked.

I saw my friend posting on facebook about the skin care company she represented! I was intrigued, but not really interested. Until one day it hit me...maybe she has something she could recommend for my terrible skin issues! I reached out & within a few days I was on Unblemish & Soothe moisturizer for my sensitive areas. 

Fast forward 15 months later. I had been cystic acne free for over a year!! But my curiosity got the best of me with all the new charcoal lines coming out. I just had to try the newest products & I went with something else...for two months. I loved it, but it wasn't long until my breakouts started to reappear. I started getting small breakouts to full on cystic acne once again! The pain started deep under the skin & never surfaced. The longer I used it, the worse it got until I finally realized, R+F had been life changing. It worked for me & trying these other "new" products wasn't going to work for me! The same week I knew I was going back to Unblemish, R+F announced they were the #1 skin care brand in the USA! I was impressed! I knew this was huge & something I definitely felt like I wanted to be a part of it. However, I am not business savvy. My husband actually runs & operates his own family's business so he took a look at the plan & encouraged me to jump on board. I wasn't sure what would happen, but with his support & help along the way, I felt confidant to start my own home based business! 

A couple weeks later, after lots of prayers, research & a few tears,  I said yes to partnering with the Dr's of Rodan + Fields. 
This billion dollar company is the fastest growing skin care line in the nation, Canada & launching into Australia. We are going global! 

Not only do I love & benefit from great skin care, but I get to help others find what works for them, give them clinical results & change lives in the process. 


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