Tuesday, April 22, 2014

3 Months!

Kiss me I'm Irish! =) I'm sure theres some in there somewhere...

so far you...

*weigh 14 lbs & are 24 inches long
*are still nursing every 3-4 hrs getting about 4-6 oz at a time
*started waking up earlier in the night for a feeding...still sleeping all night through most of the night though. I am dreading the 4 month sleep regression...I have a feeling you are headed that way
*moved to the crib =) even if you are still in our room, you are not right beside the bed
*started laughing out loud! Its so cute to hear & sometime you laugh when no one is trying to make  you! 
*have started grabbing for toys, holding things to play with & like looking at your light up toys
*hold your head up very well especially during tummy time. You are a "nosy noodle" according to Nana & Papa says he can already tell you are going to be a little socialite. You always have to see what's going on
*have gotten a little clingy. You like to be held a lot...could have something to do with the grandparents visiting for 2 weeks & then us going to PA for 2 more...ha 
*have moved up to size 2 diapers & I had to give up your newborn all in one cloth but your newborn prefolds & night times still work 
*are wearing 3-6 or 6 month clothes & 6+ month sleepers, size 1 shoes 
*went on your first trip to Pennsylvania to Nana & Papa's house. You did very well for such a long trip! 
*got to meet lots of family & friends in PA & you are a big fan of doggies! You met several while you were there & they are seemed to be interested in you too =) 
*had your 3 month photo shoot in a studio! It was fun but you didn't like being sat up in things...if you were laying down you were fine but kept wanting to put your clothes in your mouth 
*got dedicated to the Lord on March 23 by our pastor & Papa! You looked just like an angel in your long christening gown, it was very meaningful to have Mimi come since it was her first Sunday to church since she lost her hair with chemo. All the ladies wore hats in honor of her =) 
*celebrated daddy's 31st birthday on your dedication day! 
*attended aunt Richelle's baby shower in PA! You slept the whole time!! I know you will be more excited for your baby cousin's arrival than you were for her party haha
*are a huge fan of bath time! You can use your bath pod much easier since you can sit up so well now. You like hanging out it in & splashing in the water

What we are looking forward to:
*Baby Shirah's arrival
*first family mini vacation

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