Monday, May 21, 2012

"Summer" is here!

Anyone who lives in the south knows that "summer" comes early in these parts! 
While some states are still experiencing cold snaps & snow...we start having warm weather around the end of February. That month is pretty crazy...cold, warm, cold, hot, cold, warm...snow! You just never know...everyone gets sick during that month too because the weather can't seem to make up its mind. 

This year, most places have been having warmer weather sooner & of course in Alabama, our 80+ degree weather has been pretty regular. Greyson LOVES to be outside, so in order to keep him cool this year...we got him his very own swimming pool! Yes, it's just a cheapo plastic one from Walmart, BUT as least I don't have to worry about something poking a hole it in & Matt said he could always use it as a horse trough! 

So, I thought I would share several pictures of Greyson loving this summer weather =) 

Our Australian Shepherd, Ginger, meets Greyson! 

Ahh...such a hard life...laying out =)

First time in the pool! Not sure what to think yet...he LOVES his bath so being in water outside was new to him.

Just relax...see how nice it is!? =))

Loving it now!! he was quite content with his pool

Trying out the slide...with mommy's help of course!


I think he's quite happy with his new summer "toy" =)

This is the life....

Hope everyone stays cool this summer!! I know we will =))

Monday, May 7, 2012

My 26th Birthday

May 4th, 2012 was my 26th birthday.
I love celebrating birthdays & now that I have Greyson, I am looking forward to planning his very first one. However, now that I'm married & have our little man, it seems more fun just to do something relaxing & not too over the top. On my actual birthday, I just stayed home with Greyson for the majority of the day, then ran out to work for a few minutes to drop some things off & help in the office a little while. The ladies were more than happy to catch up with Greyson & babysat him while I was running around.

Saturday, we went to hang out at a yard sale my inlaws were having at the church. It was nice just to get outside with Greyson & spend some time together with Matt & his parents. They did really good at the sale too! Then we all went out to eat for lunch.

That evening, Matt took me & Greyson out to eat at Red Robin. We had to go to a Men's Warehouse to get Matt measured for Brandon's wedding, so the closest one was about an hour from our house & it's located in a plaza next to Red Robin. It's also right down the road from the hospital where Greyson was at my very last Dr.appt. Matt & I had eaten at Red Robin afterwards, & I delivered our baby boy the very next day. We hadn't been back since, so instead of a big, fancy dinner out, I wanted a burger!

Matt waiting for our food

We split a Banzai was. amazing! It has grilled pineapple on it, & the burger is cooked with teriyaki sauce. I also had a side of mac & cheese...yumm!

Greyson having his supper too =)

Red Robin also gave me a complimentary sundae (with sprinkles!) & then I got myself a milkshake too =)

Sunday, Matt's grandparents had us over to their house for my birthday lunch. I had a cake with "6" candles on it...she didn't have 26 haha.

Presents & Greyson having some tummy time

Opening gifts from my inlaws!

G'pa & Greyson

It was a nice birthday [weekend] & I enjoyed celebrating with family!

Also, I just wanted to share a few pictures of my baby boy who is not so little anymore =(
He just makes me laugh!!

playing with his toys & giving me one of those [really? another picture?] looks =)

feeding himself his bottle

I hear thumbsuckers are really good babies =)

That's all for now...I am enjoying this age Greyson is in right now...he seems to be doing something new everyday! It was so special to celebrate my first birthday as a mom...& I love being Greyson's mommy!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

4 Months!

It's that time again...another month almost finished. Greyson will be 5 months old in just a few more days!! This past month, we have added LOTS of new milestones to his 4 month age. It is fun to watch him accomplish each thing, but even at 4 months I feel like he shouldn't be doing this much already! I thought 4-5 month olds were still little babies...well maybe some are, but Greyson sure isn't. He is one little chunk & I feel like I should have huge muscles by the time he learns to walk. =)

so far you...

*are in the teething stage which means...ouchy!! Your little teefees are trying to come in & you don't like it at all
*are a lot more fussy but only because of still are a pretty happy baby most of the time
*have definitely found your voice! You not only talk to us, but squeal VERY loudly & sometimes scream at the top of your lungs...just to be heard
*Giggle & laugh at anyone giving you attention
*found your feet awhile ago but are JUST now thinking about putting them in your mouth...its funny to see you grab them but I think they are just a little too chunky to reach all the way to your face
*love your nursery rhyme book & cd...we read & listen to it most nights before bed
*have learned to roll over! You don't do it all the time, but you can...
*can sit up all by yourself. We have to prop you like that, because you still aren't strong enough to get into a sitting position on your own yet
*are having more restless nights from teething...we are trying to get into a routine to help you go longer stretches. It has worked so far so hopefully we can get you back to sleeping through the night
*had your first revival with the Sankey's! You weren't used to being in church every night, but you did pretty good! There were only a couple times when you got too excited & loud that daddy, Gigi or mommy had to take you out. Janet Sankey "babysat" you while we had choir practice one both loved it!
*are able to "tolerate" tummy time a little longer these days. You do great at lifting your head & might be crawling soon =)
*reach for toys to play with during tummy used to just lay there doing pushups until you cried
*have grown tall enough to jump in your jumperoo without having a pillow jump SO hard sometimes I feel like you might launch yourself right out of it!
*still love Mr. Bear more than your other toys
*feed yourself when I give you a bottle! You love to get all comfy in bed or on the floor & eat...when your done,  you throw the bottle off to the side & just grin at us =)
*are still exclusively on breast milk so at your dr. appt. you were 17lbs are now 27-28in & have probably gained a little more too! you give mommy & daddy a work out! 
*wear mostly 6-9 month clothes but sometimes I can still make your 3-6 month clothes fit & we try to get as much wear out of them as possible
*have gotten way more opinionated on your likes & dislikes
*fight sleep during the day, but put yourself to bed at night
*give very slobbery kisses =)

What we are looking forward to:

*Mommys birthday tomorrow because you get to go out w us
*Uncle Brandon & Aunt Richelles wedding in July 
*Meeting more family this summer 

I'm a CEO!