Monday, May 7, 2012

My 26th Birthday

May 4th, 2012 was my 26th birthday.
I love celebrating birthdays & now that I have Greyson, I am looking forward to planning his very first one. However, now that I'm married & have our little man, it seems more fun just to do something relaxing & not too over the top. On my actual birthday, I just stayed home with Greyson for the majority of the day, then ran out to work for a few minutes to drop some things off & help in the office a little while. The ladies were more than happy to catch up with Greyson & babysat him while I was running around.

Saturday, we went to hang out at a yard sale my inlaws were having at the church. It was nice just to get outside with Greyson & spend some time together with Matt & his parents. They did really good at the sale too! Then we all went out to eat for lunch.

That evening, Matt took me & Greyson out to eat at Red Robin. We had to go to a Men's Warehouse to get Matt measured for Brandon's wedding, so the closest one was about an hour from our house & it's located in a plaza next to Red Robin. It's also right down the road from the hospital where Greyson was at my very last Dr.appt. Matt & I had eaten at Red Robin afterwards, & I delivered our baby boy the very next day. We hadn't been back since, so instead of a big, fancy dinner out, I wanted a burger!

Matt waiting for our food

We split a Banzai was. amazing! It has grilled pineapple on it, & the burger is cooked with teriyaki sauce. I also had a side of mac & cheese...yumm!

Greyson having his supper too =)

Red Robin also gave me a complimentary sundae (with sprinkles!) & then I got myself a milkshake too =)

Sunday, Matt's grandparents had us over to their house for my birthday lunch. I had a cake with "6" candles on it...she didn't have 26 haha.

Presents & Greyson having some tummy time

Opening gifts from my inlaws!

G'pa & Greyson

It was a nice birthday [weekend] & I enjoyed celebrating with family!

Also, I just wanted to share a few pictures of my baby boy who is not so little anymore =(
He just makes me laugh!!

playing with his toys & giving me one of those [really? another picture?] looks =)

feeding himself his bottle

I hear thumbsuckers are really good babies =)

That's all for now...I am enjoying this age Greyson is in right now...he seems to be doing something new everyday! It was so special to celebrate my first birthday as a mom...& I love being Greyson's mommy!

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