Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Baby Shower

My first Baby shower
Mercer, PA
Hosted by my mother, Christine Ritchey
Theme: Vintage Toys for baby Boys
I just loved the shower my mom hosted for me & baby bean. Several of the toys shown above were from my Aunt Debbie & various other places. The horse was from my brothers girlfriend, Richelle & the baby pictures were of my late Uncle Jim. My Grandma had his baby shoes bronzed & they are to the right of his baby pictures. The cute little clothese were actually some both of my brothers wore when they were babies.
My friend Janice even made the Cowboy diaper cake! I just LOVED it! My husbands family is really into horses & all things cowboy themed & it has carried over into our house & seemed like the perfect idea for nursery decor too since I have so many things related in that area...my mother in law wants to use it for the shower they will have for me here in AL as a decoration. Can you guess what the actual theme will be for that baby shower?? =)

Instead of cake, we had an assortment of pies. Such a FUN idea! My mom found this frame & my Aunt Sandi helped her make a chalk board out of it. I just loved the cute little saying & all the pies listed below. They were ALL delicious! {yes I had a pie fiesta after the shower}

 Richelle made the "Congratulations" Banner & wrote all the words on the chalkboard. I loved being able to display our baby's name in the blocks on the pie table.

Here several of my friends are helping with the punch & getting everything ready for the shower.

My mother is making sure everything is ready & the guests start to arrive!

 My 2 little cousins, Cole & Conner helped float the rubber duckies in the punch. Apparently they had a little trouble staying upright. Cole said that's ok that their heads were under the "water" because they were just looking for "fish" HAHA
Great food & fellowship awaits! & Richelle holds my cousins sweet baby Makayla! She is getting so big!
Mommy Julie & Makayla

 My cousin Rebekah & I together with our baby bumps--We are both having Boys! She is due in October & I in December! =)

 ~Time for yummy food & visiting with all the guests~
Amy Saragian & her mother, Julia Messner drove over from Ohio to be there. They are sitting at the table on the right side & have been such great friends of my family for many many years. It was so good to see them...they brought so many cute gifts & even had to leave early to get back to a wedding. It meant so much to me that they took the time to be there, even just for a little while. =)

Of course you have to have games at a baby shower...this particular one was having to draw a baby, on a paper plate, on your head, in 30 seconds! I got to judge the best "babies" & there were 3 winners. Most of the other games were played while I opened my gifts.

 My good friend Janice helped write down all the gift items & who they were from

 I got SO Many great & wonderful gifts! Here are just a FEW snapshots since I had well over 40 gifts to open...& several cards!!

One of my most FAVORITE gifts was from my mom. I have wanted a little sock monkey hat for the longest time even before I was ever pregnant. I think they make the cutest new born pictures are cute to boot! Especially when baby Greyson will be born in the winter & will need this hat. Cole decided he would try to model it for us! =)

 I was blessed with so many gifts & things for the baby. Most of which came from ladies in my parents church that I have never even met. I was overwhelmed at the thoughtfulness they had for me & my family during this time. It was so wonderful that they could be a part of it, even if they didn't really know me.
I also had so many gifts sent from friends & family & even more church ladies that couldn't attend the actual shower. There were several gifts that even came the next day while we were at church. It's a good thing we drove the truck to PA, because the entire back was loaded down with gifts & a few pieces of furniture =)

My sweet MaMa Ritchey & I after the shower. She is an inspiration to me & a wonderful Godly role model that I look up to & strive to be like one day.

A HUGE Thank you to my wonderful friends who helped with the shower!
{Tina, Jenn, Jodi & Janice}
Jenn & Jodi came all the way from Indiana to share in this time with me & it was SO nice to be with them again!

Richelle also had a HUGE part in making this shower so unique & fun. She added so many artistic touches that also included this little sign for the favors. I loved this idea & it was actually my first time to have real Cracker Jacks! Imagine that~

Richelle & I with her dog, Fio. She has become not only a special friend, but a sister to me & I'm just putting this out there...but I'm teaching Greyson to call her "Aunt Chelle" when he's old enough to talk!

I had a WONDERFUL first Baby shower & it was such a special time in our lives. I missed so many other family & friends that were not able to be there, but overall I am so glad that I was able to be back home for a few short days & enjoy the brief time spent with my family.

I can't wait until December when I can actually start using all these gifts! =)


  1. Love the photos Megan!! Great job putting this post together. I just LOVED those little sox I got for baby Greyson. hee hee

  2. Mom and I were so excited that we got to be there to share in your special day, Megan! You looked beautiful! We can't wait to meet Greyson!!


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