Thursday, September 1, 2011

Machinery Show & Vacation

Atlanta was great!
We were there to attend the 2011 Machinery Show & represent the family business. The show had a pretty good turn out & it was nice to hang out around the booth & meet the different poeple that came by.
I think they have a pretty neat booth to show what Woodland Parts & Service is all about.

This is Matt & his dad Leslie
Jac was able to meet up with us there, after being on tour with his college singing group.

Family photo =)

One day after the show, we took a little walk through the Olympic Park right across from our hotel. It was really beautiful & relaxing. We took a couple pictures together with the gorgeous greenery & flowers.

We had a really goot time eating out & being together.

Two days after getting home, we had to get ready for our family vacation with my parents!
We all met up in Gatlinburg for a few days so this included several activities & a trip to the Dixie Stampede.

First, we started out with breakfast at the Old Mill

Then we headed off to play some putt putt golf
Brandon & Richelle!

 We rode a train to the top of the hill where the course started. Mama & Uncle Jerry were taking in the view as we rode.

 It was so much fun! I got 2 hole in ones! =)

Brandon also got 2 hole in a row too!

 Mom had the record with 3 hole in ones, but still ended up in a tie with dad for the final score.

Next the guys & Richelle rode go-carts.

Ryan beat everyone!
Of course, I just watched, but it was fun to see them all race against each other.

We did a little shopping & browsed around Pigeon Forge before heading to the Dixie Stampede show that night.
We had been there before, but it was nice because this time they had added a few new features that made it seem a little more new. The food was great! & Matt even sat on the NORTH side of the arena. I think my family gave him a pretty hard time about that, but he was a good sport. The south ended up winning most of the events though, so he was able to cheer from his spot at the table. HA
(if you've never been to the Dixie Stampede, it is a tribute to the Civil War, where the North & the South sit on opposite sides of the arena & the cast/staff does all kinds of activities to see which side wins. The waiters for the food even dress in the blue & gray uniforms! Plus, you have to eat your entire meal without utensils!)

In the days that followed, we got to go to down town Gatlinburg to shop & we also rode the sky lift. I forgot my camera during this time so all my pictures from the lift are on my phone. It was pretty neat though! I had not been on it in a few years & it was just nice to take in the views again. Dad's joke to everyone as we passed was..."This is such an 'uplifting' experience!"...he did get a few laughs. =)

We also got to drive through cades cove & AGAIN I didn't have my camera. Richelle did, so she got some great pictures! We saw 4 black bears, tons of turkeys, deer & one really HUGE buck. It was really amazing to see that many animals at one time. I think the best time to drive through is the evening when they are all out finding something to eat.

 Uncle Jerry, Aunt Linda & Ryan all left early so the rest of us stayed another night. Here is our final family photo from vacation. We traveled back to Alabama & I got to spend another week with my wonderful family! Didn't take anymore pictures while they were home with me, but we crammed in a lot more food & fellowship.
One night we had a big fish fry for all of Matt's family & mine. Of course, we did a lot more shopping & dad took a day to use Leslie's smoker & cook 35 Boston butts & some chicken. They took most of it home with them to eat throughout the year.
All in all it was a successful visit! They are few & far between, so we try to do as much as possible. I have left out a lot from our time together, but then again, there is only so much room for posting =)

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  1. Love this family of mine! Wish we could have been in on this vacation! Miss you all


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