Thursday, June 28, 2012

{First} Fathers Day

Matt got to celebrate his very {first} fathers day! 
We are so excited to have Greyson, the one who "makes it all possible" to celebrate for.

We had a wonderful day. 

Our family

The Fathers & Greyson

We went to my inlaws house for dinner. They have just added on a big, new, beautiful room to their house & it was our first Sunday lunch in it. After we ate, we gave G'pa his gift from Greyson. 
It was a poem with his little footprints, name, age & date. He loved it! We also gave him a card & gift card to Cracker Barrel to use on his travels.

 I also made the footprint poem for my dad (Grampa) & Matt for their gifts as well. It was fun making them! Greyson did very well having his feet in paint & it wasn't too messy.

 As for Matt's other gifts, he was showered well! I got him a card & wallet to use for work. His parents gave him a shirt & chocolate & the rest came from church. 
He was given a gift for it being his FIRST Fathers day that included the frame, courageous cup, & books. Our theme for the dads at church, was washing cars. They were all sent home with a basket of car washing supplies & Matt also won another category for washing his truck the night before Fathers Day! So he won a water hose & a few more things to use outside. 

As for what the day means to me...I was very privileged to grow up in a Christian home, with a godly father who pastored the Oak Grove Church in PA. We moved to our home in Mercer when I was only 6 weeks old, so dad could start pastoring the church. My brothers & I grew up there...20 years later I got married in the new church that was built the year before I got married. My dad was able to "marry" Matt & I in front of our family & friends. It was special for me to have my dad officiate & give us a good message & marriage advice. Growing up, he instilled in my brothers & I, how important it is to live for God, to have a relationship with Him, to make it to Heaven & take as many people with us as we can. 
I love going "home" & visiting his church. I seem to get more out of his preaching now that I'm older than I did when I was young {sheepish grin} hehe 
My dad has always been my "hero" so to go to person for advice. I know he is praying for me every day & I that even when I am traveling, he is up in the night praying for my safety. 
I have only gotten to spend one actual Father's Day with him since I've been married. He was here visiting & my church asked me to get up & say something about my dad. I had gotten a card & decided to read it to him from the platform. I remember giving him a hug afterwards & feeling like I could have said WAY more...but more importantly he was there to hear it, to spend the day with us & I don't get those opportunities that often anymore so I don't take them for granted! It's like that now...I could go ON & ON about what I think of my dad, but these are just some of the more important things.

Both of my parents are wonderful examples of what I hope Matt & I will be like with our children. They are to be respected & praised for how my brothers & I were raised. They have always been consistent in what they taught, how they live & what they hope to pass on. They support us in everything that we do & I hope I make them proud of my decisions. I love my mom & dad SO much & am excited that they are grandparents that can pass the same things on to Greyson (& any other kids we might have) as he grows up. 

Now that I live in Alabama, I usually spend these special days with my inlaws! I can say many things about them too, but as for my father in law, here are a few things that really stand out. 
He is passionate about the Lord & has a heart to serve. He is a godly example & has passed that on to his sons. He gives so much to people in need, whether its his own kids, to the church, certain projects, or special needs in the ministry...there are so many things he does to make them happen. He is a trustworthy businessman & hard worker. His family comes first after God & I'm thankful to have Matt's parents near us to spend time with. Both Lela & Leslie do so much for us I don't think I will ever be able to repay them! I love them & love seeing them with Greyson. These are the grandparents that he will get to see the most & I am certain that he will learn so many great qualities from them. 
Matt has taken on his father role very well. It comes from growing up with the parents he has...those same qualities that my father in law has, come out in Matt every day. He works so hard & does so won't be long before Greyson is toddling around behind him outside! Before we know it, Matt & his dad will have Greyson knowing all there is know about horses, showing them, taking care of them...I'm sure it will be one of his main hobbies too. 

I am blessed & very privileged to be a part of these families. We have so much to be thankful for!
Thank you dads, for the legacy that you have passed on! 

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