Monday, July 11, 2011

Camp Meeting 2011

Another year of the Pell City Alabama Camp meeting is history.
This year, camp started on July 4, 2011. Flags lined the drive & front of the sign as we entered. They always have a great pre-service in celebration of the 4th & then recognize all the men & women that have served our country.
We had wonderful speakers & God really moved during the week.

It is always a wonderful time to catch up with friends, & also take time to move forward spiritually. Matt & I both recieved a great deal of help this week & Matt gave a testimony of how God had worked in his life & what this camp has always meant to him.
I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for us this year!
It really is a wonderful place, with lots of meaning that I hope our kids will grow up to love it just as much as we do.

You can see me in the purple & white on the steps & Matts family all praying around the front

In other news, it was fun to see so many friends there that are also expecting babies. We are bringing in the new generation of kids at camp! Bro. Parker mentioned from the platform the excitement of not only Matt & I's new little one but all the kids that will be growing up together & playing on the grounds just like he did when he was little. We got to share our news with several as well as compare notes & advice.
It was a wonderful time of fellowship, but we also had a good spiritual uplifting & I thank God for the way he has worked in our lives & is helping us so far. We are very blessed!

View of some of the crowd in the tabernacle

Last night, Matt's little brother Jac sang with his group "Forgiven" from Hobe Sound Bible College. They are SO GOOD & even have a cd that came out this past week. We love it! If you have a chance to buy one, we highly recommend getting this cd!
During the service, our little bean was just kicking away & I think he rather enjoyed the music! It was the first time little bean moved that much for a long period of time instead of just - here & there- moments. Also, when we were at home trying to take a nap he decided it would be fun to do more flipping & kicking since I was trying to get some rest! It was really neat & it makes me happy to know he is still growing & moving like he should.

Sorry I did not have many pictures from the week! I got a couple off of facebook that others took, but it was SO hot that I didn't take the time to snap any of Matt & I & usually just fell into bed at the end of the day. We were pressed for time mostly because of working till 5pm & then rushing over to the camp grounds each night. It was worth it, but I am ready to be able to come home after work & just relax for the next few days! =)


  1. I love this line - "It really is a wonderful place, with lots of meaning that I hope our kids will grow up to love it just as much as we do." That's how I am about our camp (Heartland Bible Methodist Camp)! I grew up knowing family camp and youth camp would be the highlight of my summer. I still love going and hope I can make it equally important to my family!

  2. Absolutely Leah! I didn't grow up there, but Matt did & since we've been married, I look forward to it every year =)


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