Friday, July 11, 2014

6 Months!

Can NOT believe my girl is already 7 months...where has the time gone!! Before she was born I started planning her birthday party..yeah...I do stuff like that, but I feel like time is getting away from me & I'll be CELEBRATING it before we know it! This is her "half a year old" stats =)

so far you...

*weigh 17 lbs & are 26.9 inches long
*upgraded to Greyson's old car seat because your infant seat was TOO small! We get you in & out of your seat now instead of carrying you in one. Greyson got a big-3 in 1 seat that upgrades to a booster & we turned his old one rear-facing for you. You have to sit up in a buggie during shopping trips now or we use our single stroller for quick trips & eating out
*love sitting up in your new double stroller because you have your OWN seat!! We had to upgrade since we don't have your infant car seat to attach to the stroller & Greyson wanted a seat instead of the sit/stand feature. We sold the old double stroller, & got a new one with 2 seats where you get to face mommy!! We love it & it will definitely grow with the family! We broke it in with a shopping trip =)
*nurse sporadically every 3-6 hrs...we have been EBF over the last several months & you don't really take bottles anymore since we can usually make it without a feeding when we go out for a few hours..I haven't pumped in a LONG time 
*have been sleeping all night for most of your life...cut out the middle of the night feeding at 6 weeks & only woke up in the morning to eat around have since moved breakfast to 7-7:30am & still snooze a little afterwards getting up about 8. You take more regular naps mid-morning & one in the afternoon...sometimes you snooze before bedtime but not very long
*sleep in your crib at night & for naps but your favorite snoozing area is in someones arms =) & mommy & daddy's bed
*use the play room just about as much as Greyson! You sit in our chair & play with all your toys like a big girl
*still like watching Greyson & talking to him,..he still makes you laugh & laugh & you are fascinated with him...try to grab him & pull his hair when he is close enough
*have started talking a lot more -- babbling all day long with lots of squeals & screams...we think you said "Dada" on father's day =) & it sounds like you say hi & bye sometimes 
*can roll over both ways, sit up on your own & almost pulled yourself up in the crib a few days will pull yourself to sitting or standing when someone has your hands though
*upgraded to size 3 disposable diapers & have been in medium size pre-folds with M/L covers...also in one size all in ones (bumgenius)
*wearing 6-12 mo size clothes depending on brand, 6+ month sleepers & size 1-2 shoes  
*spend time playing on the floor, in your bouncy seat, swing, jumperoo & now the highchair! You have to be up at the table during meals (can't miss out on family time sitting on the floor) & sometimes even get to eat with us! 
*started solids doing the baby led weaning method. Greyson started out on rice cereal & baby food, but you haven't had either. Your first food was bits of pears! You have had lots of fruits & veggies mostly in pieces & haven't gagged or choked once. You "chew" very well & we see you using your 2 little teeth. We mash up avacado & sweet potatoes mixed with BM but that is as close to baby food as we have gotten. You like to hold the spoon when I guide it to your mouth & can even pick up the little pieces of food to try & feed yourself...sometimes you will make it to your mouth, but it's hard work feeding yourself. Lately we have fed you things we are eating for dinner (no meat) like baked potato & other veggies we are are mainly still on BM though & we sometimes go a whole day with no solids & you are very content. It is a different method of feeding, but less demanding, easier & cheaper!
*are still great with new people & don't cry when someone new holds you. You are just fascinated with new things & new people...very content & don't seem to be attached when mommy or daddy leaves
*are still just as nosy as ever...have to know everything that is going on! You like sounds & like to watch things that move...
*light up when you see certain people...especially mommy, daddy & Greyson! You seem to recognize family members like Poppie, Mimi & Uncle B & close friends
*love riding & being outdoors with the family on the still fall asleep every time we are on the kabota
*respond to your name when we call crane your neck to see who is talking to you & when we want your attention
*are very strong, healthy & content...what more could we ask for!
*attended your first Bible Methodist Camp Meeting & did very well!! We only missed one night of services because we were getting ready for company to come visit
*got to enjoy friends Janice & Bill Coulter that came to visit all the way from PA! Janice took your 6 months photos & they turned out soooo good!!! We are so blessed to have many talented friends in photography...Janice got a new Nikon cameral while she was here so it was perfect timing! 

What we are looking forward to: 
*The arrival of Baby Girl Ritchey...any time now!
*Ritchey family vacation in August

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