Wednesday, June 29, 2011

16 Weeks!

Here is the latest update on our little bean or beanette!
My last doctors appointment was just yesterday afternoon. I will be 17 weeks tomorrow, but it was technically a 16 week checkup.
Everything was right on is always so exciting to hear the heartbeat! Ironically I have not gained any weight the last 2 appointments I've been to, but I have grown significanty & the round ligament pain is there to prove it!

Has anyone else experienced that? I thought I had pulled a muscle at first...which I really did, but apparently it's a pretty common feeling as you grow. I figured I couldn't possibly pull a muscle "every" week! It can be quite sore sometimes, but thankfully it has nothing to do w/ the baby.

The heart rate this time was back down to 140. I have a feeling it's a BOY! Of course, you never really can tell...the heart rate has changed dramatically going from 135 to 175 & back & forth & so I guess I will just have to wait until July 26th when we are scheduled to find out the gender.
I am really excited to know since I am stuck on which room to make into the nursery. Once that's determined, we can finally start shopping & decorating. So far I have done absolutely nothing to get ready for a baby.

Work has been good & I'm not as tired anymore, but sitting for hours & hours a day has its set backs. I try to run little errands every now & then so I can get out & walk but it hasn't been easy. I hate to think what I will feel like in November!

 My appetite was crazy to begin with & I was hungry ALL the time, then it slacked off for a few weeks as I was going into my second trimester. Just recently, it has kicked back in full force. I have not had any major cravings, but for the first time lastnight, I asked Matt to go get me an oreo milkshake from Jacks! I have never really EVER finished a whole milkshake...but before I knew it, I was at the bottom of the cup &  kinda wished I had MORE!

For now, this is what I look like via phone pictures. I am trying to take photos every 2 weeks on my good camera, but these are so much easier & faster to transfer.

Enjoy the rest of this week! I know I am ALWAYS looking forward to the weekends these days =)

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  1. Aw, looking good and glad to hear baby and mom are doing well! Oh yes I've def. had those ligament pains. Have a super day and enjoy this time. I'm so glad you're not sick.


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