Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 4th & Visiting PA

The month of July held a lot of anticipation for our trip to PA. There were several "firsts" with this trip & we had been looking forward to it for quite some time. 
Since taking a step back from work, I was able to take off a couple weeks & spend 4th of July with my family. 
I flew up to PA with Greyson on July 3rd. It was his first time to fly & we were very prepared. He did wonderful! Even when our flight was delayed, he didn't fall asleep until we had boarded & sat down in our seats. He slept the entire flight & even through the Pittsburg terminal, all the way home to Nana & Grampa's house. It was great, even if we didn't get to mom & dad's until 2am. 

The next day, Greyson met a lot of the Ritchey family at the 4th of July family reunion. We had fun eating, swimming & visiting with everyone.

He absolutely loved Uncle Jerry's pool & had so much fun kicking & "swimming"

 We loved spending time with everyone, celebrating our freedom & thanking God that we live in the U.S.A!

After that, we had a wonderful week just spending time together & shopping. 
My mom modeling one of the new outfits I picked out for her...=)

Greyson loved spending time at Nana & Grampa's house. He even took his baths in the bathroom sink...the same one I used to get baths in when I was his age!

Having fun! 

We gave Grampa his Father's Day gift & Greyson helped him open in it. He loved the footprints from Greyson & the card & gift card from Matt & I.

He met lots of people at Grampa's church too & one of the ladies even got him to sleep...
He met a new friend Liam...

& my good friend Tina came to meet Greyson too =)

Then we went to a wedding-- my good friend Janice was getting married on the first weekend I was home. She was in my wedding back in 2006 & I was so glad that I was able to attend hers.

She looked absolutely gorgeous!! 

 Janice & Bill are married!! 
 It was a beautiful wedding & very fun day

The happy couple! 

Sunday, we got to spend time at my Mama's house. I love this picture of her talking to Greyson. 

My cousin Rhett, took him outside since it was such a beautiful day.

I love this picture of Rhett's daughter Makayla...Greyson loves kids & had so much fun with her!

Later in the week, Aunt Mindy & Uncle Matt flew in from Idaho! Daddy came the next day & we were all together for Uncle Brandon & Richelle's wedding. It was so much fun being with everyone! I'll post about the wedding separately, but the day after, we flew back home to Alabama. Greyson was very good throughout our wait at the airport & here we are on the plane. He did pretty good this time too, but was awake a lot more & did have a few crying spells. Thankfully Matt was with me on this flight so it was nice to have some help on & off the plane. 

Unfortunately while we were there, we all caught sinus infections. I thought for sure after battling it for a week in PA, that it would go away in a few days. Flying sure didn't make it better & I ended up sick another 2 weeks. I should have gone to the Dr. earlier but finally after I got a shot & some meds, it started getting better. Matt had it a couple days but thankfully his cleared up & it looks like we are on the tail end of this summer sickness.

My parents got it, my brother & sister in law had it & even friends in AL had it...definitely going around right now! So, overall we had a wonderful trip...even if we did get sick from being with family! It was  worth it =)

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