Monday, March 25, 2013

Decorative Growth Chart

Finally another project is complete!
Even before I was pregnant I thought these charts were so cute. It's the perfect addition to decor in your house & something to treasure espeically when you are just starting a family. I am so excited to see Greyson's measurments throughout the years & any siblings that we add in the years to come.
 Pinterest had tons of different versions so its definitely easy to make yourself. We start lots of projects but you never know when they are going to get you can tell we are horrible procrastonators. I wanted to get this done before Greyson was even born but that obviously didn't happen! A year later it was in the works so thankfully we got it finished before Greyson turned 2 so we can measure him at 1 year old. LIFE happens & we basically work on things as we can.
However, this week we have gotten quite a bit acomplished so in the next couple days I will have yet another project to post about =)
Here's what we did to make our very own decorative growth chart.
Matt got a peice of wood that was cut when we built our barn, had it plained, stained a semi-dark color & then we put a clear coat sealer on it.
It sat in the garage like this for a few days so we could paint both sides. After that Matt took care of all the measurments. We liked the "ruler" look so we kept it pretty plain & traditional.
Greyson kept a pretty close eye on things =)
I ended up hand painting the lines & used stencils for the numbers. I'm not really a perfectionist, but I wasn't sure painting the lines was the best thing to do. They wouldn't be straight & the paint tends to differ with pressure of the brush...I tried a few lines, wiped them off & did a few more, but there was just no getting them perfect without purchasing a paint pen. Matt thought it looked neat to have it hand done so after some convincing we decided that was the way to go. It actually turned out really neat looking & the lines still look the "same" even if not one is alike!
We found the perfect place for this large piece in our upstairs hallway. There was an odd space beside our bathroom door & it fit perfectly.
Matt is the expert when it comes to hanging things especially on our plaster walls. I left all the technical stuff to him. He figured that the once the nails were in & hung it would hang a little off from the exact measurments...we were extremely pleased to see that every inch was dead on! He made sure it was super secure so that Greyson wouldn't pull it off the wall...he has tried a few times & it isn't going anywhere! We are talking about adding on to our house in the next couple years so this piece might make its way downstairs to our family room, but for now this is where it will stay.
It turned out SO good & we are really happy with it!! Matt has said multiple times how much he likes another project is checked off the list & we can move on to all the other ones we want to accomplish!

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  1. Oh, I love it. I've wanted to get one done too but just haven't. I love the white.


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