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What baby soap should you be using?

I thought I would share a tip with any moms or mom's to be who MIGHT be dealing with this same problem at some point.

For the most part, Johnson & Johnson baby soap products have been one of the top baby shower gifts & leading brands out there. I got tons & of course, being that they used it in my hospital I never had any reason for concern. Awhile later, I started reading articles like this one about J&J baby soaps & brands being "exposed" so to speak for harmful chemicals being put in the soap. 

There always seems to be "something" wrong with everything these days! I mean I can barely keep up with all the food we're not supposed to eat to all the other products dubbed "bad for you" so I didn't really pay it any attention. I know...cue the gasps,  but you can only take SO much information of what you should or shouldn't do!
I'm sure a lot of moms feel the same way...

Eventually, I came across a blog that talked about about her experience with soap & it was very similar to what I was going through so I decided to pay attention!
Of course, from the moment Greyson came into the world, he was bathed with J&J baby soap. It was all I used for the first 14 months of his life! A few weeks after he was born he got baby acne which is a pretty normal thing that happens...however his face was so scaly & dry I knew it was more than just acne. At his 2 month checkup my pediatrician said he had a mild case of eczema. It wasn't horrible but just enough to be irritating. We ended up getting a cream she recommended & it helped...for the most part.
 Fast forward 12 months & he was still suffering from eczema. I have seen really bad cases & Greyson's was never what I considered bad at all...just annoying...he would have dry patches pop up here & there, sometime red & sometimes just bumpy & flaky which he would scratch & cause even more irritation. He would get it all over his body & other times just a spot on his leg or arm.
At around 6 months, I finally decided to get Johnson's brand of aveeno eczema baby wash & also the eczema lotion. These together seemed to help & I still use the lotion to this day but it never cleared it up completely. The blog I was reading also mentioned that even some hospitals have switched from using the J&J baby soap products because of harmful chemicals they didn't agree with & recommended switching to different brands of baby soap. 

 Since the beginning of the year I have gradually started swapping a lot of our food & products over to organic brands. I came across this organic baby wash in Publix one day & decided to try it.

I started using this when Greyson was 14 months old...3 months later this is all the wash I've used & it's not a huge bottle! It's only 16 oz of soap so I think it will last us awhile! They always recommended bathing Greyson every couple days or as needed to help prevent breakouts & only after a week of using this organic brand, I started noticing some results. After a few more weeks he had no signs of his regular eczema at all! Every now & then a skin toned dry patch with pop up but it isn't like his eczema & he doesn't scratch at it at all.
To this day I still love my J&J pink lotion because it just smells so good & I like to use it in his hair. I know I should be skeptical because it is from the same brand, but I have not had any major breakouts with continued use like I did with the head to toe soap. I also still use the eczema aveeno lotion just when I feel his skin is a little dry. 
So, to say the least I am very happy with this organic baby wash & the conclusion is kind of up to you. Who's to say it really was the J&J baby soap I was using, but it seems pretty clear that switching made a huge difference & we are basically eczema clear. I'm not sure if my hospital is still using J&J soap but if there are hospitals out there making the switch it might be a good idea to do your own research & see what you think.

I have seen a few other moms switch from J&J head to toe soap & have had the same results. However, using J&J may be just fine on your child & some parents have never had any problems...but just in case you end up dealing with something like may be time to check your soap, any soap & switch or just start out using something more natural to begin with! 

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