Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving was wonderful! 
It was a little harder this year because my mother in law was not feeling her best...but thankfully both of my brother in laws had their girlfriends visiting & were able to do a lot of the work & help out all week. I was hoping for some baby news early in the week, but did NOT want to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital...nor did my husband! 
God has the perfect timing of when this little one will arrive, & we were able to enjoy being with friends & family all week. 

First we are thankful for all the yummy food we enjoyed on Thanksgiving & the left overs after that =)

Second, we are thankful for friends & family that joined us. We could have had lots more around that table-- we sure are blessed!!

We got to celebrate 3 birthdays on Thanksgiving day because they were all within a week of each other.
 Greyson was trying to practice blowing out a candle!

 Third, we are thankful for naps...especially when we can snuggle with our babies & be with each other. I am thankful for my precious family.

Fourth, in addition to being thankful for family, we are thankful for the FARM! We love living here & enjoying the benefits of all the animals...especially our little pony, Baby Girl. 

 Greyson is a big fan of his uncles...& especially Poppy! 

Fifth, we are thankful for Cousins!! It is so fun starting families of our own & watching our little ones grow up together =) 

 Sixth, I am especially thankful for this little guy. He made me a mommy & has been such a joy to everyone he is around. He is so smart & funny...he makes everyone laugh but also has his quiet sweet side. There are so many things I could list about what he means to me & our family, but that would take forever! I am excited to see him as a big brother =)

And last but not least...I am thankful for a loving Savior who has blessed me more than I ever dreamed possible. God has been there for me every step of the way...He has given me an amazing husband, a darling little boy & the presence of a baby girl on the way. I have so many things I could list, but I would never get through everything I am thankful's just not possible! 
My family & friends are enough & I am so glad that through the stress of life...He is there for me.
Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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