Tuesday, August 26, 2014

7 Months

This last month has been a blur....a happy, sad, frustrating, busy time but we are making it

so far you...

*weigh 18 lbs & are 27 inches long
*enjoy sitting up in a highchair, stroller, shopping buggy etc. anything off the floor that allows you to feel like you are face to face with other people...you don't like being left out of things & have to know everything that is going on
*still nurse sporadically every 3-6 hrs & completely on solids. No longer take bottles for any kind of feeding other than a bottle like sippy cup that you sip water from occasionally. You are eating lots of veggies & fruit. Bread is a favorite & started eating small pieces of pasta & other substantial foods this month. Usually you feed yourself by picking up tiny bits of food, but love sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce & other foods easily mashed from a spoon or fork. You eat pretty much whatever we are eating now except for meat. Favorite snacks are crackers, yogurt puffs & baby vanilla cookies!
*have 4 teeth & counting...2 top, 2 bottom & one on the way!
*usually sleep all night about 6-7 hrs before waking up to nurse then go back to sleep getting about 8-10 hrs a night & taking 2-3 naps a day give or take depending on what we are doing at the time...
*like your crib but have gotten used to sleeping in mommy & daddy's bed lately! You love cuddling  & would much rather be held or snuggling next to someone than by yourself
*are very interactive & play well with your toys & books. Greyson like having a little playmate to share the playroom with now
*still love your big brother & "talk" to him a lot! He makes you laugh & is learning to share things with you...he is learning but he can be a little bossy sometimes
*"talk" all the time...babbling & squealing over every little thing. Started waving bye bye this month!
*can roll over both ways, sit up on your own on the floor & in a big bathtub, you will pull yourself to sitting or standing when someone has your hands...starting to scoot around but not quite crawling yet
*are in size 3 disposable diapers & have been in medium size pre-folds with M/L covers...also in one size all in ones (bumgenius)
*wearing 6-12 mo size clothes depending on brand, 9+ month sleepers & size 2 shoes  
*spend time playing on the floor since you are semi-mobile & can fall off of beds...you still like your jumperoo, but the baby swing & bouncy seat have been moved out of the way (but still out so other visiting babies can use them) since you are outgrowing them
*are very good with new people & go to anyone but you are starting to notice when mommy isn't around & sometimes get fussy if I leave the room or you can't seem me anymore
*are still just as nosy as ever...have to know everything that is going on! You like sounds & like to watch things that move & light up. The one thing I can't seem to keep you away from is my phone...it doesn't even have to be on but it is by far your favorite thing to get your hands on
*are extremely smiley...doesn't take much to get a smile out of you & lots of people comment about how content & laid back you are in crowds...you are very pleasant the majority of the time but all babies have moments & you have yours!
*love riding & being outdoors with the family on the farm...you like little animals especially puppies
*know your name & what certain words mean..like No No, Bye Bye, & clap
*lost your first grandparent this month to cancer. Mimi was a very special person to you & she loved getting to be with you, spoiling you & shopping for girl things even if it was only for 7 short months 
*took your first trip to Florida & got to go to the beach for the first time! You love water & the waves were new & fun to play in

What we are looking forward to: 
*Meeting baby Everlee & spending time with family & friends in PA

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