Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Friends, Friends & More Friends

The past several weeks, we have gotten to spend time with lots of friends. We love having company visit but at the same time, love getting together with friends especially on holidays. 

I think we are going to make this an annual thing, but we spent July 4th at the Shirah's house again. Courtney always does cute things & this year was NO exception. They had several young couples over, a couple toddlers & 3 babies =)

They decided on kabobs for dinner consisting of home grown veggies, deer meat, shrimp & chicken..umm YUM...along with baked potatoes, a big salad & a fruit salad that I brought. In keeping with the theme of kabobs...her dessert was ADORABLE!

Everything was SO good!!

And we had GREAT fellowship...

Neil & the girls =)

This Independence Day, my cousin posted these photos of my Grandpa on face book. He had red hair & his nickname was "Red"...I guess thats where I got it from =)
It was neat to see these pictures of him serving our country. He looked rather dashing I think!

I am told that he is the person behind this wing of a German plane. He shot it down with his quad 50. I remember hearing stories about him waving at the pilots as they flew overhead & they would wave back. I can't imagine what it must have felt like to be away from family & friends, fighting & never knowing if you would make it back home. MUCH respect for the men & women who served & are serving now.

Our family also attends our annual Bible Methodist Camp at this time. They have a patriotic service with special music & we "dress" for the occasion. Rilynn was wearing her red, white & blue, as was Greyson but I didn't get a good pic of him.

She's such a happy girl! Smiling all the time!

We had a WONDERFUL day & celebrated Rilynn's FIRST 4th EVER!

As soon as camp was over on Sunday (the 6th) my good friend Janice & her husband Bill drove in. I met Janice in high school & we have been friends ever since...11 or so years & counting! She was in my wedding 8 years ago & always said she wanted to come to AL for a visit. This year they finally made it! =)

We had fun & Janice even took Rilynn's 6 month photos...we went shopping, out to eat, & Greyson loved having a big playmate who loves toy trucks just as much as he does (& feeds him things like beef stick)haha!! They brought both kids adorable toys & then one day even suggested us going to the zoo!!! That was one of the highlights of their trip & it was Rilynn's first time to go.

I also got to test out my new double stroller! I LOVE it!! My old "used" one was great but Rilynn had grown out of her infant car seat & Greyson didn't want to give up his comfy "chair" for the bench seat...his little legs weren't quite long enough yet so we sold it to a friend that can use it better than us. This one has 12 different riding positions & will certainly "grow" with us...plus the bench seat on this one is much lower if & when Greyson ever wants to use it =) It was PERFECT for a day at the zoo!! (I promise this is not a review on the stroller haha)

Greyson loved seeing the animals but was a little upset when he couldn't ride the giraffe, zebra, elephant etc. That is until I spotted the camel...those you CAN ride! I guess it was worth the $10+ for both of us...you can't put a price on memories & he SURE loved it! No fear...just loves to ride anything & everything he can =)

We finished off with the splash pad at the zoo. It helped to cool him down, tire him out & take a long nap on the way home. We really enjoyed this time with our friends!

Thanks Janice & Bill!! We hope you come back for another visit soon!!!

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