Monday, August 31, 2015

18 Months!

Because our computer was down & I hadn't been blogging much this year, I missed updating you on Rilynn's 18 mo status! Before too long, she will be 2 so I thought I better catch up =) 

   so far you...

*weigh 25 lbs & are 33.5 inches tall! 
*nursed all the way until 18 months! You would have gone longer, but were too distracted with SUMMER & traveling! Mommy was ready to be done did a good job! =) 
*have 16 teeth! You know how to use them -_-
*aren't always a picky eater, but like to inspect everything that goes in your mouth. You only eat when you are super hungry & that seems like all the time...except lunch & supper. You are what the dentist calls...a grazer! We have to keep the snack bag up but even then you seem to find it, pull things out & eat whatever you can find. I have caught you with a powdered donut bag a few times! You definitely prefer sweet stuff to anything else & can sniff it out a mile away. We don't know how you know...but whenever someone has chocolate you come looking..haha
*have lots more hair to work with! We love to do little pigtails & pony tails! 
*sleep all night from about 9:30pm - 8am. Your naps are usually 1-3 hrs in the afternoon & you sleep just about every time you ride in the car
*can walk, run and climb! You can figure out the best or quickest way to get from are all over the place & my biggest mess maker. You can climb anything & push anything to use as a device to get anything! 
*hate hearing the words no no but now you repeat them back to me. You are very independent, stubborn & strong willed. If you are caught doing something & get in trouble, you don't really cry, but if you just want something & we take it get MAD & let us know how you feel.
*are talking quite a bit & taking after Greyson when he lets you get a word in. You can say sentences like "I love you" and "where are you", You call Greyson (sha-sha) & have been working on extended family names. Uncle B is just "B" but Poppy, Nana & Papa are super easy. There are lots of other words you say but your favorite is "Baby!"
*love your big brother, but definitely know how to push his buttons. You CAN play well together & love to cuddle in the mornings & be very sweet...but as the day goes on, there is lots of screaming & carrying on & I have to play referee
*love to read, play with toys & pretend. You have a bright imagination! I love to see you play Mommy with your babies. You comfort them (shhh shh shh) let them know when they need a diaper change & like to put them to bed with a blanket.
*have been learning to say the blessing at dinner time. Right now all you do is fold your hands & say "Ameeee" (Ah-me) but you know when its time to pray!
*are in size 4 disposable diapers, & still wearing our cloth diapers. You have started to potty train just a little bit but don't seem quite ready yet.
*wearing 18-24 mo size clothes depending on brand and in 5-6 shoes. Your feet seem to be growing the fastest & we cant keep you in shoes very long 
*traveled to New York to Black Lake on our family's fishing trip! You love playing with cousin Everlee & are learning to share toys & play nice with kids your age
*love being outside, loved the boating we did in NY & then spending time with Nana & Papa in PA. You are a Papa's girl! but love to talk to Nana on the phone
*you love to ride horses & take mule/kabota rides. Your favorite is riding in the pasture with daddy
*don't have a fear of water...which can be nerve wracking! You could swim all day if we let the kiddie pool you love the slide & learned how to go down on your belly. In a big deep pool, you like jumping off the steps to go under. We have had lots of sun & you have the cutest little tan lines.

What we are looking forward to: 

*Visiting family in a few months
*Fall festivities!

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