Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby News!'s not MY baby news, but I'm so excited to tell you that my best friend Emily had her baby boy this past weekend.
Emily & I at the baby shower I hosted for her

Emily has been one of my closest friends since moving to Alabama. Her husbands name is also Matt, so we have a lot more in common than most people! When she found out she was expecting a baby, we were so excited! Right then, we stared doing all kinds of research & eventually she was able to fill me in on all the things I had to look forward to, when I found out I was expecting.

Her due date was May 30th...but she ended up having her son on May 27th, 2011 via C-section.

Meet Jace Matthew Powell!
He was 8lbs 5oz & 21 inches long
Picture from my phone

He was born with a little mohawk! But what was most surprising is that he has blonde hair & blue eyes. Both Matt & Emily have dark brown, so he takes after his grandma or someone else in the family. Alot of people say he looks like his daddy, but some say he's starting to look more like his mommy! All I know is that he is one cute little guy =)
Me holding Jace in his little "cacoon"

I was so excited that Emily asked me to come to the hospital the day he was born. I was priviledged to share some alone time with just Matt, Emily & the baby. It was so cute to watch them adjust to the newest member of their family. I felt like I was able help Emily a little as well, when Matt ran out to get some food.

I am so proud of Emily!! She did such a great job & we had been looking forward to that day for-EVER it seemed. I am excited to see them as a new little family!

~Congratulations Matt & Emily~

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  1. How great to have such a good friend going through like experiences as you! He is such a sweet little guy.


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