Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quarter of a Century

Today is my birthday & I am 25 years old! Where has the time gone!! I feel like only a couple years have passed since we got married, yet I feel like I've known my husband a lifetime.

This morning I got the funniest card from Matt. It was one of those "Hoops & Yoyo" birthday cards. If you have ever seen one, they are hilarious!
I'm not sure what the rest of the day will bring, but I'm hoping some sort of food plan because I would really hate to cook for myself today! ha
Of course one of the MAIN reasons I've been looking forward to this time is...
I am right around 9 weeks pregnant!
Of course I feel like I'm already showing because I've been so bloated lately.
(like everyone really wanted to know that)
But it's true. I have definitely gained weight. Those pants were significantly larger when I bought them.
Thankfully, the reason I've put on the pounds is because I have had a GREAT pregnancy so far.
I hardly ever get nauseous & when I do it doesn't last very long. I have only been sick a handful of times but nothing too traumatic at fact, I owe the weight gain to being able to keep just about every single thing I eat down...& I am hungry ALL THE TIME! It's like I just can't get enough food & I've had to go to the store every week just to buy more fruit or snacks to tide me over throughout the day, especially at work!
I'm definitely not complaining though. I know a lot of my pregnant friends who hardly kept anything down & actually lost weight in the first trimester. Of course one of the main things I'm dealing with right now is exhaustion...but I've managed to sleep all the time get the rest I need to make it through each day & still have time to cook or clean & even throw an event (like a baby shower) at my house. Even though I feel just...BLEHH...for lack of a better term...I really am greatful for not being as sick as I could be & am doing pretty well in spite of it all.

..But back to another main, MAIN reason I'm excited it's my birthday. We have decided this would be a perfect time to tell my wonderful parents that they will FINALLY be grandparents!
We have loved keeping this a secret for the past several weeks, but it is just getting TOO hard! We would have waited even longer, but with the way the dates fall, it's just too perfect.
I have been leading up to this moment by telling my mom Matt is getting me something spectacular for my birthday.
She thinks I'm totally spoiled all the time anyway, which I beg to differ, but whatever.
Of course, when we skype later, I will get everyone together to show them what Matt really got me for my "birthday". Unfortunately my 2nd doctors appointment was made for May 5th & since my first appointment was with my regular doctor who is no longer in the OB department, I've had to switch doctors & I'm hoping the new one will need another ultrasound ( I got my 6 week ultrasound done at the first appointment) . If that's the case, I would like a bigger, better picture for my parents to see so they will just have to wait till then I guess, to find out the news.

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  1. Yesssss! I am definitely excited! And what a cool way to be able to tell us when we are so far away from each other! I love SKYPE! ...and I love you, Matt and the little "beanette" (or bean)! :)


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