Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's already the last day in October!! This year is FLYING by =) 

We didn't do much this year for Halloween. In fact, our church did a reverse "Trick or Treating" night & instead of having the kids come to the church, several went visiting to pass out candy & invite them to Kings Kids.

As for us, I made it to the pumpkin patch with some friends, had a really fun girls night out that included a hay ride & we gave our friends kids some candy when we went over to hang out & eat pizza. That was the extent of our Halloween~ 

Maybe next year we will be more into it since Greyson will be big enough to dress up...of course I'm not sure he'll really "get" candy. For now, I'm keeping my little pumpkin just a bit more full month to go & we will see when the little bean decides to make his appearance.

This was the only "costume" I came up with this year! HA 
Obviously it would be a pumpkin...hehe
It would have been cuter had I really had time to paint a shirt for reals, but this illusion will have to do.
I hope you have enjoyed YOUR Halloween!!
We are really looking forward to Thanksgiving...
Oh & this week, we will be getting out CHRISTMAS! =)

Happy Holidays!! 

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