Friday, October 21, 2011

Only 7 more weeks!!

                                        How Far Along: 32 weeks & 6 days
                Size of baby: 17 inches long & almost 5 pounds
Weight gain so far: 17 pounds
Maternity Clothes: I'm starting to change into my Fall season maternity clothes, hence the outfit above! Matt loves that shirt =) I have several things on loan I am wearing & since I have to start wearing shoes instead of flip flops, I might have to get a few new pairs of flats to get me through...this is not an excuse for more shoes, my feet are too swollen for the ones I have! ;)
Gender: A BOY!!! Greyson Matthew Crawford
Movement: It's getting quite snug in there, so there are no longer lots of kicks & jabs, but more like lots of rolling, stretching & trying to get comfortable! He is head down so those feet still keep finding ribs & it's hard to breath, but he is growing!
Sleep: It's been pretty good. I've been going to bed early & getting enough sleep but it has its interruptions. Bathroom breaks take me awhile to get up & get comfortable again but I fall asleep very fast!
 Symptoms: Mostly just hearburn, swollen feet every once in awhile (like when I sit at my desk without walking for awhile, or stand for a long time) My back is sore mostly from "bad posture" during work but I am drinking lots of fluid & keeping the kidney stones away!
What I miss: Being able to do things FAST! It seems like it takes me forever to get up or down, running is impossible if I'm ever in a hurry & carrying around this weight really throws off balance & being able to walk normal!
Cravings:Nothing really in particular at the moment. I go through phases...
Best Moment this week: My 2nd baby shower & spending time with my wonderful friends who hosted it.
What I am looking forward to: We finally got paint to redo the baby furniture & hopefully will get that project done soon! I can't wait to start organizing everything & turning the room into an actual nursery =) 

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  1. You look gorgeous! I like the shirt too! Cute!
    Love you and I'm getting anxious too! :)


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