Monday, October 17, 2011

Shocco Baby Shower

My "work" baby shower
Hosted by my friends
 Emily Powell, Barbara Miller & Skye McKleroy

So far this is what my nursery is looking like these days. It is not anywhere near complete & I still have to add my gifts from this shower to the mix. We have furniture to paint, the room to arrange & the gifts to organize & put away. I HOPE we get it all done in these last 6 weeks =)

So blessed!!

My co-workers & friends hosted a baby shower for me from my work place, Shocco Springs.
I have been blessed to work with some wonderful people in a wonderful ministry. Several of the ladies were not able to attend but it was so much fun & I got so many great gifts.
(FYI- I forgot my camera, so these are all iphone pictures!)
The adorable cake!

Some of the food being put out- everything was SO good!

 My friends, Barbara, Skye & Emily

 Emily's little boy, Jace is getting so big! Skye getting in some cuddle time =)

 Game time with the guests!

It's time for the presents-- Emily giving some instruction-- haha

 Adorable bib & burp clothes with Greyson's name & initials embroidered on them 

Diapers & wipes

Cute little cowboy boots & a little outfit (not shown) from cracker barrell! I love them!

Skye gave me more than one of these adorable "church" outfits (as Matt calls them) an adorable little diaper bag, & 2 pairs of shoes. I can't wait to take him to church in them!

SO many people at Shocco went in on this gift for me. The card said, From the Shocco Gang & had all the couples & names listed inside. I have always thought these video monitors were so neat, but never really expected to get one. Such an amazing gift!! We tested it out & it has so many cool features!

I got a bumbo seat & the bumbo tray that goes on it. I LOVE those things! so handy & I used it all the time when I kept babies in Florida.

Cute little "Dude" onesie!

Emily's mom Cheryl made this fabric wreath. It is just gorgeous! It is to be used on the hospital door, then later I can decorate with it in the nursery. It has little saddles on it & a "G" that hangs in the middle. I am SO glad she made this for me! I have always loved the one she did for Emily & now I have one of my own.

I got several more things not pictured but I am beyond blessed with so many friends that are making sure I have everything I need for baby bean's arrival.
I have been doing very well since my hospital visit & am glad that happened the week before this shower! I would have hated to have to postpone it.

Thank you to my Shocco family for being a part of this new chapter in our lives!


  1. LOVED looking at these pictures! Everything is sooo nice! LOVE the wreath...what a neat idea...they do things so different in the south! :) Never heard of putting the wreath on the hospital door. FUN! Love you lots and you look absolutely amazing & beautiful!

  2. Oh how neat! He will def. not go naked, ever! How wonderful! I'm so happy for you guys. Also, so glad for God's protection.

  3. Looks like that little boy is already spoiled! :) You look so cute. I'm sure you're ready to meet the little guy though! I'm so happy for you and I'm so glad everything turned out ok with your recent scare. :)


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