Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Day

{Valentines Day}

I love this day of the year!! It is a special time to reflect on those that you love, & love you in return. It doesn't just have to be a "special" someone in your life, like a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/etc. It can be family, friends, a PET! =) Love is all around us & we share it in different, but special ways.

For Matt & I, our celebration has been different each year. We have done some pretty fun things...I remember making him a box with our picture on it & inside were 365 little pieces of paper that had something I loved about him, written on each for each day of the year. Once he made me a cd & attached balloons to it. 
 Sometimes I get flowers, sometimes we buy each other gifts, like a phone or new year I did a scavenger hunt for Matt & one time he ordered in a special meal & set up a candle light dinner in the living room for me...he even had us dress up just to stay home! =)

There have been MANY special Valentines days for us & I love remembering them. It's not always fancy & it's not always a big night out, but we try to do something together.

This year was NOT anything fancy or that big a deal...just a simple dinner date (AT OLIVE GARDEN!! =) just the 2 of us. We had not been out by ourselves since Greyson was born...not that we really WANTED to be away from him, but usually he sees us eating & ends up wanting to be fed too & juggling a bottle while trying to eat at the same time, CAN be challenging. SO, my good friend Skye offered to babysit for us.

My mom sent him the bib for his first Valentines Day. I wanted him to be festive, so I had him wear it to the McKleroy's...He tends to spit up every now & then & bibs are a good alternative to a burp cloth so it worked!

He was the best little Valentine all day & the McKleroy's had a lot of fun keeping him for us.

I snapped a quick phone pic of my OTHER Valentine & myself all ready for our date.

As I mentioned before...we just went out to dinner to my favorite restaurant (OLIVE GARDEN!!!!:) which of course made me extremely happy. I enjoyed it SO much =)))
but we were leaving for the Dixie Nationals the next day so there wasn't a lot of preperation or planning. No frills or flowers...just us...& a card to Daddy from Greyson. 

I appreciate everything Matt does for us & I wanted him to know that he has taken on this new role as a dad, very well. He has gone above & beyond my expectations...he had no experience with babies whatsoever & I wasn't sure how he would do. He's a natural!! but overall I'm thankful that he has a heart for God. I'm thankful that he wants to raise our kids in a Christian home, with Christian morals & values. I don't know where we would be without God in our lives. I love Matt & I love Greyson, but first & foremost we love God.  

I'm glad that God gave me a wonderful husband & son but ultimately we have HIM at the center of our family. True love comes in different packages...Love of family & friends, but having the Love of our Heavenly Father surpasses them all. Looking back I AM SO BLESSED & I don't deserve it. God loved us so much that he gave His ONLY son to save us from our sins, so that we would have everlasting life.
That is the true love I wanted to reflect on this year & it truely was a very...Happy...Valentines Day! =) 

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