Monday, February 20, 2012

2 Months Old!

Greyson was 2 months old on Feb. 9th...time is FLYING!

He had his 2 month appoinment & his first round of vaccinations. =(
He did pretty good considering...I was nervous I would have a break down so I made Matt go with me to the appointment. It was the hardest thing to sit through, but as I comforted Greyson, Matt had to hold his little legs down so the nurse could administer the shots. Thankfully it was all over very fast... Greyson screamed & cried for about 8 minutes SOLID & by the time we had him dressed & back into his carseat he was smiling!!
All I wanted to do was CRY but there he was...just beaming up at me!

I had given him some infant Tylenol so I'm sure that helped a lot...but I thought for SURE I would have to give him more in a few hours. He surprised me by being just as happy & content the rest of the night...thankfully never ran a fever & didn't seem to be unhappy or in pain while kicking his legs.

This month he weighed 13lbs 13 oz & was 24 inches long! He grew 4 pounds & 3 inches since his last appointment...WOW!

He also did very well on his first trip to the Dixie Nationals this week & slept most of the way. It was a 5 hour trip to week we leave for HobeSound, FL...adding 6+ hours to that so right now we are planning to break it up so he's not in his carseat the whole time. We can't wait to see our family & friends...He is changing so much everyday...

so far you...

*still only cry when you need something
*have added lots more to your "vocabulary"
*stayed with 3 new people this month, while mommy worked & loved every minute of it!
*have added another couple hours to your bedtime & can sleep up to 7hrs straight now
*are much more smiley & a very happy baby
*are a good traveler
*have started growing more hair on top of your head! =)
*found your tongue a few weeks ago & like making faces with it
*went to your first Dixie Nationals that included a rodeo & free style reining events
*DON'T like MOST loud noises...bathroom hand blowers & daddy coughing startle you the most
*sat up in your stroller without the carseat attached (GREAT neck muscles)
*started reaching & grabbing for things & can hold & play with your loveys
*have a favorite lovey..."Mr. Bear" that came from Jacinda (Uncle Jac's girlfriend) & play with it to put yourself to sleep
*got to try out your jumperoo gym this month & like it but dont' have the hang of "jumping" yet
*moved up to size 2 diapers...I realized this on our trip, since you have been wearing cloth at home
*have started sucking on your fist again...haven't done that since the hospital
*don't really like your pacifiers (which is good) & make a face when we stick it in your mouth...occasionally you take it when you are very sleepy but we have to hold it in until you fall asleep =)

What we are looking forward to:

*Our Florida trip next week to see our family & friends
*staying mostly with GeeGee while mommy is at work (now that she is back in town)
*Uncle Brandon's Graduation (hopefully) & possibly the first plane ride!


  1. What a sweet baby boy! Nana can NOT wait to see you and hold you and kiss your sweetie little cheeks! You are growing up so won't be long until you can say Mama and Dada~! What fun that will be!!

  2. Megan, he is absolutely adorable, and he looks to be about the right squishy size. :) Tonya Slagenweit


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