Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Family Vacation!


Our first "official" family vacation was our annual trip to Hobe Sound, Florida.
We had been looking forward to this trip for months...ever since Greyson was born! Not only was it his first BIG trip, but his first time to see the ocean & his first time to meet Mama Ritchey, Uncle Matt & Aunt Mimi (Mindy)! We were SO excited!

First of all, Greyson did great traveling. He slept most of the time & when he'd wake up, all I got were BIG smiles! It's almost like he KNEW he was going to see lots of family & have a great time.
We left friday around 7pm & ended up driving all night. I think Matt was a little excited to get there! I usually help drive but this time, I sat in the back with the baby. I got a few hours of sleep & thought we would stop half way...when I woke up, we were MORE than half way & Matt said he felt like he could drive the rest of the way there. We made it to Hobe Sound at 6:30am. Instead of going to our place to sleep & unpack, we drove straight to my grandmas house where everyone was staying. We walked in & surprised everyone...they were all still sleeping, but it was a nice surprise to wake up to! After that, Nana was more than willing to keep Greyson while Matt & I got a few hours of rest...they all went to breakfast at Harry & the Natives =)

Here are several pictures & captions of our vacation in a nut shell!
Grey at Harry's!

Family photo at City Place in West Palm Beach, FL-- One of our favorite places to go. We got cheesecake at...the Cheese Cake Factory of course!

Sitting on Nana's lap during church!
We visited Hobe Sound Bible Church on Sunday-- Greyson got to meet a lot of our friends! He was introduced from the pulpit as our "daughter, Ruthie" HA but the mistake was corrected a little later.

Jupiter, Fl
We ate at Jetty's across from the lighthouse. It is a family tradition & we always get a picture with the lighthouse in the background. Greyson wore his little "anchor" pants =)

Nana & Grampa at Jetty's

Uncle Brandon & Aunt Richelle...they are getting married soon!! that will be the next big family event!

One day we went to Guanabana's for lunch. It is so pretty there & a fun place to eat. Greyson in his little "surfer" oufit with matching shoes!

Family photo, next to our table!

Chubby legs!

I love my Nana!

My sisters!!! Mindy & Richelle =)

GeeGee got Greyson a little "pod" to go to the beach in. It keeps the sun, bugs & wind off of him. SO neat!! We used it while we went Jet Skiing on afternoon.

Greyson sure loved being with his Uncle Matt & Aunt Mimi...they had so much fun with him too!

Richelle asked Mindy & I to be in her wedding by giving us these cute decorative boxes. Inside was information about the ceremony, dress & why she picked us, written on cloth & tied up in little scrolls. Very beautiful & a neat way to ask us to be in the wedding. Greyson LOVES his Aunt will be official July 14th, 2012!

what we look like going to the beach! haha

First time for Greyson to see the ocean!

He slept most of the time in his pod, but from what I can tell, he liked the beach!

He got to meet a new little friend, Brighton Claire...she was born a week after Greyson!

Of course we always go yard saling in Fl on saturday mornings...thank goodness for tiny sunglasses!

I think Greyson knew it was almost time to go home. He didn't want to leave his Nana & Grampa!

Before we left, we got a picture of the 4 generations. Greyson, me, my dad, & his mom =)

& then it was over...he slept most of the way home too, but this time we stopped in GA to spend the night.

It was a great vacation...we packed a lot into a short week. There were TONS more pictures but I tried to just use the highlights. =)

We LOVE Florida...can't wait to go back next time!

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  1. Loved reading this account of our vaca! Just love all the pictures too! Keep up the good work! Love ya!


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