Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 Months!

Greyson is growing UP so fast! He seems to get longer/taller every day & is growing out of more clothes than I can keep up with. SAD face! =(

BUT with all the growing comes lots of new milestones. He is so much fun & I love watching him learn new things everyday. 

so far you...

*are so good & have even gotten to go to work with me a couple times!
*talk to us all the time...usually in the EARLY mornings these days 
*took your first big trip & did great!
*went to the beach & saw the ocean for the first time
*started teething...sometimes you are fussy but thank goodness for teething rings! 
*drool, drool...drool
*laugh out loud a lot...especially when someone blows raspberries on your tummy
*found your tongue, hands & now your feet seem to be next on the list
*patta-cake is hilarious...apparently =)
*are starting to roll over...if we get you past the "stuck" part of your arm, you'll be doing it by yourself!
*had your first portrait pictures done in a studio & had so much fun
*can sit up with only a little bit of help
*sleep good most nights, but being between 3-4 months, you are going through a growth spurt & want to eat a lot more often
*still don't like loud noises & get scared easily...thankfully not as much crying though
*are noticing a lot more of your toys & reach for things on your own
*like the play yard mat & can pull the dangling toys that make music 
*aren't as interested in books unless they are the crinkly kind that you can hold yourself
*enjoy the jumperoo a lot more now that you can reach everything
*turn your head towards music & when someone says your name! 
*love sunglasses!
*fall asleep best if Mr. Bear is over your face
*love car & stroller rides
*make funny faces whenever we put something in your mouth like the paci or teething toys but absolutely LOVE sucking your fists, hands, fingers...possibly toes since that seems to be on your mind
*frown & make your poochy lip face when you are REALLY tired
*still love bath time more than anything so we will have to get a pool for you this summer
*have grown 3 more inches making it to 27! 
*weighing in right around 16 pounds
*have strong legs & like to stand...love those leggy rolls! 

What we are looking forward to:

*Daddy's birthday on the 31st! =)
*GeeGee & G'pa coming home from their 2 week trip so GeeGee can babysit!
*Uncle Brandon & Aunt Richelle's wedding in July...doesn't look like we'll get to go to Brandon's graduation after all =(

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