Thursday, November 29, 2012

Play Dates

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Greyson having fun with his little friends.
He has had lots of play dates recently & it has been fun to watch him interact with these little guys.

We also joined a play group a few weeks ago that gives us a chance to get together with other babies, meet new moms & get out of the house every week. We don't go every time, but it's nice to have something to look forward to when we can. We have been a couple times & hopefully Greyson will learn that pulling hair hurts...=)

Cousins Kinsley & Cooper playing at Mimi's house!

Greyson's FIRST official trip to the park. We went on one of our playdates & he LOVED this swing. Sometimes he would laugh & laugh & other times he would just sit back, relax & take it all in. He even yawned a couple times like it might put him to sleep.

Greyson showing Grant the horn on his buddy's car. =)

All you need is a gorgeous day, a car, complete with his drink of choice (milk) & he's ready to go!
 One neat thing about having a play group is meeting the mom's. We usually find something in common when it comes to the kids...& one thing I have found is that SO many mom's here are cloth diapering. It has come a long way since our parents were using cloth & there is even another group  I recently joined dedicated to cloth diapering in Alabama. I found several more friends & co-workers on the website that have jumped on the band wagon.
It is fun to share, receive & see all the tips, advice & stories from other mom's in my area. There are so many different cloth diapers out there; I had no idea how big this was until I joined this group =) It is definitely something I plan to do for any other children God see's fit to bless us with.

 I'm thankful for this great group of girls that I am just getting to know, & that Greyson will have lots of little friends to run around & play with...WHEN he starts to run around that is... =)

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