Monday, December 3, 2012

10 Months!

My little guy sure is getting big! We have had so much fun & I love this age with Greyson so much. He is into everything right now...has scared us to death a couple times, but we love seeing him change & grow everyday. =) He is so sweet...although that little attitude has sure started picking up a little more lately...=)
so far you...
*are crawling everywhere SO fast...holding on to walk but still won't let go. Have tried to get you to take your first steps, but you keep squatting down
*still have just 4 teeth...I think you are figuring out how to use them
*throw your head back when you are mad or don't get your way. You are starting to learn what the word "no" means & you do NOT like it
*have added a few new "tastes" to your food, chocolate cake & julep...thanks to uncle Ben...we have to watch him or he will give you all kinds of stuff! You do great at eating though & aren't very picky...yet
*love your new sippy cups from Jacinda F. still take a bottle of formula every now & then when we are out but you nurse morning, night & sometimes throughout the day if we are home
*weigh 23 pounds...last time we checked. I'm anxious for your 12 mo appt to see your new stats
*have started waking up in the night again...usually going to bed between 8-9 pm but waking up between 4-5. Still getting in 8 hr's but you wake up early to nurse & sometimes go back to sleep until 7am...not sure why you keep doing that but we hope to get back to our normal sleep pattern again
*have added "1,2,3" to your vocaulary & like to count with mommy =)
*you got to go to Pigeon Forge, TN & Gatlinburg for the first time this month! You LOVED the Dixie Stampede & got to go to Dollywood. You loved the muffins at the Old Mill for breakfast & got to go to the Apple Barn too! We loved sharing one of our favorite vacation spots with you
*got lots of loving from the Jacinda's, Uncle B & Uncle Jac. They got to spend lots of time with you on vacation
*laugh at pretty much everything U. B does...especially when he gets under a table
*figured out how to play with your plane toy & get the blocks through the correct slots
*sing Patty Cake while clapping & like to say Bye Bye about 10 seconds after we actually leave...delayed reaction I guess =)
*started climbing stairs the other day so we finally had to start baby proofing this month. Put up a gate & latches on some cabinets
*got to go to several more festivals for fall & got your first pumpkin!
What we are looking forward to:
Christmas & your first birthday!

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