Friday, December 7, 2012

Ritchey Christmas

{Ritchey Christmas}
While we were up north, we had Christmas with my family. They are going to be here in Alabama for Christmas & Greyson's birthday instead of hauling everything down here, my mom decided why not have it while we are home!
It could not have been MORE perfect! Living in the south, we rarely have the opportunity to enjoy snow. Growing up with 8+ inches on snow every year, I did not miss it when I got married & moved away. However, it still is beautiful & there is always the "hope" of having a white Christmas even if I like only seeing it on special occasions =)
Since living here, we have had snow (enough to make a huge snowman) about 3 times. It comes & goes very quickly...just the way I like it!
However, this year has been crazy! The temperatures in PA & AL have both been unusual. It was about 75 degrees when we arrived in PA on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Saturday morning, we woke up to this...
We had probably 2 inches of snow...the first that Greyson had ever seen! It was so cute to see him pointing at the "white stuff" falling from the sky =)

The snow made it seem even more like Christmas...
Mom's tree was beautiful & we were ready to dive into all those gifts =)

Since Greyson was only 2 weeks old for Christmas last year, we knew this one would be fun to see him open his gifts. He had to have a little help ripping the paper but it was so fun to see him look at his new toys & gifts. (of course he seemed to play more with the boxes they came out of than the toys themselves...funny kid)

We received so many wonderful was a lot of fun. We had such a great time exchanging our items & seeing each other's reactions.
This was one of my mom's main gifts from all the kids. A Vera Bradley mini laptop case. She is also wearing Vera Bradley reading glasses that I included as one of our gifts & on the floor are more from Brandon & Richelle. Dad got hunting for him to buy more hunting stuff & a Duck Dynasty tshirt! hahaha
Even Fio got a couple Christmas presents to enjoy =)
One reaction I was particulary anxious to see what that of my brother & his "new" wife, Richelle. They were married in July & this was the first official family Christmas with them. During their wedding, I had a friend video the events of the day...I was surprised to discover that in his "videoing" he had taped the entire wedding ceremony! I realized later that Richelle had not had the ceremony recorded either...thus my idea to make them a wedding video! I had so much fun...It started out with a main menu just like a DVD when you insert it. I had the ceremony, reception & even special features. Funny parts, sad parts & just a lot of memories wrapped up in one gift.
It was fun to see them open it =)
Later, when all the wrapping paper, boxes & gifts had been put away, we all sat down to watch the video. It was fun spending this time as a family reliving the memory of that day.

After breakfast, I just had to capture the beauty outside! A blanket of white covered the ground & snow was still coming down.

We had fun showing Greyson snow...

And as luck would have made some pretty great Christmas card pictures =)

 We ended up visiting Mama in the nursing home to say goodbye & then got take out from Chiptole =)
We got up early on Sunday & headed home. A couple hours later my dad called to say that they were getting several more inches of snow! Since we were in the mountains, I was glad we left when we did. We made it home was a GREAT Christmas & such a fun family trip celebrating the Holidays.
When we got HOME, I was glad we had decorated before we left...all we had to finish was decorating the Christmas trees. I have one in our living room & one in the den. Greyson helped me pull out the ornaments...thankfully he has not been that interested in the tree other than pointing at the lights. Every now & then he will try to pull off an ornament but nothing far!

He has been very content playing with his new toys from Nana...

What a difference 1 year makes...I think he slept pretty much the entire Christmas season last year & now he is a very active little guy!
He will be 1 in just 2 days...I can't believe how the time has flown...I am excited about his upcoming birthday party & more time spent with family & friends...
Happy Holidays!


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