Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Greyson's getting...

...a little sister!
We were so excited to find out that we are having a little girl...the first one in the Crawford family since Matt's aunt (about 70+ yrs)! Matt & I are so happy & looking forward to life with a little boy & a little girl =)

How Far Along: 24 weeks 1 day
Size of baby: 12 inches long & 1 1/3 lb.
Weight gain so far: 0 lbs
Maternity Clothes: None needed yet, but I'm starting to break out the hair ties for extra give on some of my bottoms =) 
Gender: A baby girl! Now time to work on a name...
Movement: She sure is active & has decided to come out of "hiding" making me look more pregnant =) she is all out front
Sleep: As long as I have my body pillow, I sleep great!
 Symptoms: A little heartburn here & there 
What I miss: Making it a whole night without having to take a bathroom break! ha
Cravings: Still anything sweet...black bottom cupcakes are on the "to do" list tomorrow =) 
Best Moment this week: Officially starting to move to our new house. We have taken several loads over & the house is looking pretty bare!
What I am looking forward to: State horse show next weekend! One little mini break from the moving process 

Greyson seems a little unsure about having a girl in this picture, but who knows...right now all he knows is that there is a "cute"(as he says) baby in mommy's tummy. He likes to pat her but when asked if he wants a baby sister (or baby at all) he says no...haha 
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  1. How fun Megan. That is a pretty long time to not have any girls in the family so it was time that you broke tradition. Ha! Much love!
    Aunt Sandi

  2. A girl...yah! :) That is so fun! Congratulations again!!


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