Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Family Photos

{Ritchey Family Photos}
Nampa, Idaho
Photography by Meggie Kate
(Jamie Taylor)

As I mentioned from our Idaho vacation post, we were able to get some pictures of my family while we were all together. 
Our color choices were coral, navy & white. They turned out so good! Thanks to Jamie for doing a great's always so much fun when you know your photographer & she knows what to do to get you to laugh =)

The 2 that started it all...
- Randy & Christine - married 1981

Which led to the first born - Matthew - who married - Mindy- in 2007

And eventually had - Karleigh - June 2013

Then came the 2nd born - Megan - who married - Matt - in 2006
Had - Greyson - in December 2011 & will be adding - Baby C - to the family in December 2013

Then the 3rd born came along - Brandon - who married - Richelle - in 2012

The current Ritchey family

Enjoying "Grand" parent hood =)

 The men of the family
 Well Hello there "Uncle Brannon"

The women who keep it all together =)

 I wonder what this family will look like 10 years from now!  I imagine, lots more kids...
and a few more gray hairs =)

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  1. What a beautiful family. Loved the color scheme. We are getting ready to get Chase's 3 mo. pictures and a family picture done...I'm trying to figure out what color scheme to use!

    1. Let me just say...there were MANY shades of coral! haha I'm always a fan of navy & some color...I have used it a lot in our family photos. Navy & green were the colors we used for our beach photos & for Greyson's 6 mo photos we did navy & orange!


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